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Crinkly Copywriting: Can you still write great copy when you're 60+? with Mary Cameron

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Figuring out what makes you unique is a tough but essential part of marketing your copywriting services.

What if you’ve written for every type of business?
What if you’ve seen it all and written the copy?
Can oodles of experience be your USP?

The answer is yes and we’re excited to talk to a copywriter who celebrates not only her age and experience but her knack for reinvention… and how that’s shaped her copywriting business.

Tune in to learn:

  • Life and writing experience – when you’ve seen it, done it, made it work (even when ‘it didn’t’)
  • The process of reinvention and how to know if you need one
  • The new dimension of imposter syndrome (aka ‘how can I possibly still be here doing this at my age?!’)
  • Wrinkles and grey hair in the era of Facebook live
  • Advice for grey-haired word nerds contemplating freelance copywriting
    The joy of nailing your brand

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Oh and big hugs to kazzaround from Australia for this lovely testimonial.

An old dog learning new tricks and really enjoying this podcast. Presented so well by Kate who is engaging, entertaining and informing on all things on copywriting. This is the best podcast in a while and I can’t get enough.

About Mary

Mary Cameron is an SEO Copywriter, Kiwi with Scots roots, now living ‘la vie bretonne’ in regional France.

A writer of clear, convincing words for exacting humans for over 40 years.

Distance runner turned endurance cyclist. Saltwater enthusiast. Bossed by a ginger cat. Wife to darling husband and mother to a lovely lad. Grumpy loser of board games.

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