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84: Encouraging Their Uniqueness (feat Rich Kirkpatrick & Emilie Kirkpatrick)

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This week we have two really special guests. The first is a songwriter, visual artist, and daughter. With her prolific songwriting and gifted voice she has encouraged many people as a member of the doughier father duo, A Beautiful Liturgy. As a visual artist she has also expressed her self and her insights in beautiful authentic ways. As a self proclaimed “geek girl” she has a dope swag that catches the eyes of creatives and normal people alike. A really cool person. 

The second is an author, songwriter, musician, creative, coach, and girl dad. With his encouraging heart, he writes to influence fellow creatives and leaders to help them think strategically and act redemptively, spurring conversations that clarify values, beliefs, and all things practical. Having worked with many high level leaders and performing as an excellent leader himself, he has authored multiple books, his latest titled, MINDBLOWN: Unlock Your Creative Genius by Bridging Science and Magic. As a girl dad, with his one and only daughter, he co-created the previously mentioned band, A Beautiful Liturgy. 

Two amazing, heartfelt, creative humans, please welcome this week, daughter Emilie Kirkpatrick and father Rich Kirkpatrick.

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