Ha'Iggeret ~ The Message podcast

Ha'Iggeret ~ The Message

Shira Kaplan

Nearly 35 years ago, my grandfather Dr. Bernard Kaplan started a weekly Torah newsletter - a “unique journal of original and plagiarized Jewish thought.” When I started a weekly Torah email in the fall of 2019 (called Emunah Until the Sunset), I had no idea. A few months in, my family mentioned his newsletters, called Ha'Iggeret, or the Message. It struck me as incredibly Divine that the tzadik of a grandfather I never got to meet suddenly felt so near to me. This podcast will be in his merit ~ Benyamin Aryeh ben Leah. (to get these via email, subscribe -- https://forms.gle/Xy3r8JfDBRvz2YhN7) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shira-kaplan/support

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