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Empowered Expression

Caroline Addington, Ph.D.

Welcome to Empowered Expression! The marketing + content creation podcast for heart-centered coaches // hosted by Dr. Caroline Addington, neuroscientist turned social media maven. This binge-worthy podcast brings you easy-to-implement content strategies, a healthy dose of spirituality, and some of the fascinating science behind personal branding and organic marketing. Dive in + level up your social media game!

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  • Empowered Expression podcast

    Showing Up When You Don't Feel Like It


    You're busy being a full-fledged messy human, meaaannwhillleee you're tryna build this magical business up but damn if you don't feel like it... Know those feels? We ALL feel them, you're not alone 💜 But the "life hack" in this episode will completely shift the way you think about showing up. We jam out on ~ - the simple, but profound, perspective shift that helps you get into creative flow when you don't feel like it - why resistance to showing up isn't a problem, but actually part of the process - the greatest "life hack" to generating more creative energy - why this "life hack" also happens to create hella fucking effective transformation within YOU, the creator Ready to see your creative process through a new lens? Tune in + enjoyy! LINKS ~ Join the BTAB Waitlist + get first dibs when doors open November 1st! Link to learn about BTAB: https://www.carolineaddington.com/BTAB Have you heard this month's free channeled reading? It's aaaaall about releasing blocks + connecting with your joy 💜 It's free + super dope, check it out here: https://www.carolineaddington.com/monthly-channels
  • Empowered Expression podcast

    How to Not Stress About Your Business


    Tune in for a deep, soulful conversation on how to release the vice grip you might be holding on your business. All the worries about results, hitting goals, successful launches... all of it. If you've been stressed about outcomes in your business at all... this episode will help. We talk about: - a deeper perspective on the purpose of your business [and your life] - why and how the practice of letting go creates remarkable results not just for your clients, but for your whole life - why this also leads to excellence as a coach and/or healer - who your business is *really* for [hint: it's not just for your ideal clients, we go beyond that altogether] And if you want free support implementing on everything in this podcast, check out this month's free channeled teaching: https://www.carolineaddington.com/monthly-channels Know you wanna be first to know when doors open to BTAB? Join the waitlist: https://www.carolineaddington.com/BTAB
  • Empowered Expression podcast

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  • Empowered Expression podcast

    Obsessing over your mindset? This episode will help make it chill


    Wanna learn more about Shift? Go hereee! https://www.carolineaddington.com/shift
  • Empowered Expression podcast

    How to Release Control + Enjoy Life More


    Alrighty fam! This is the first episode since going to a gorgeeousss plant medicine sweat lodge ceremony this past weekend + I'm sharing one of the big lessons that I learned during the experience and have been integrating since. It's all about releasing control, being in healthy communion with life, and bringing joy + love to all that we do Sound like something you need more of? Give er a listen, then 💜 We jam on:  a fresh perspective on what it really means to release control what being in communion with life has to do with releasing control what it means to be in communion with life + how to practice it in your own life letting go of the destination + enjoying the journey holistic abundance and how to apply the concepts in this podcast to abundance lots more! tune in + enjoy ✨ Links! Join the waitlist for Bigger Than A Brand: https://www.carolineaddington.com/BTAB Learn more about this month's Shift series: https://www.carolineaddington.com/shift Come find me on IG: @caroline.addington_
  • Empowered Expression podcast

    Feeling Crazy During Big Change [and why it's a good thing]


    ...Among other things! This episode talks about: the evolution of marketing + how my own relationship with marketing has changed + grown feeling crazy during big change + why that's actually a good sign the only decision we really have as humans... the decision between love + fear and why that's more important than ever to remember Also! Last day to join Shift // Sacred Business during pre-sale! Interested? Learn more at https://www.carolineaddington.com/shift
  • Empowered Expression podcast

    Anchoring Into Love in the Midst of Collective Fear


    Mmmmm, this is such a nourishing episode - like a green smoothie for you soul, yanno? We're talking about: - why anchoring love is the most effective agent for change in the world - what stops people from doing it most often - how to anchor in love in the midst of fear - what it feels like in the body to anchor love Mmk, enjoy!! And if you wanna learn more about Shift // Sacred Business, she's officially open for pre-sale!! Check it out here: https://www.carolineaddington.com/shift
  • Empowered Expression podcast

    Kink, BDSM + Self-Honoring Business Practices ft. Marion Chloé Theis


    Tune in to hear the musings of a marketing wizard + kinky love coach! In this episode I interview Marion Chloé Theis and we jam on self love, kink + BDSM, self-honoring business, and how she met her partner [it's a great story, you gotta listen 😜] About Marion ~ Marion Chloé Theis is a French Love Coach. She grew up thinking she had to meet people’s expectations to be loved. After a lot of unsatisfying relationships, she realised it was never going to happen. She was disconnected from her needs and her body. She then started the work to love herself: she dove into coaching, astrology, Human Design, Tarot and… kink! Now, she helps Women turn their fire ON in their relationship & relationships with kinky + spiritual practices. Her vision involves a World where EVERYONE can feel powerful embracing who they truly are: emotions, body, kinks, their whole self 🍑 Links from this episode ~ Connect with Marion: web: Marionchloetheis.com FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sexysecretswithchloe/ Podcast : https://anchor.fm/sexy-secrets Sign up to be first to know about Shift Presale! https://www.carolineaddington.com/shift
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    SHIFT SNEAK PEEK: Staying Present on Social Media


    EEEK!! OMG!!! It's here!!! A sneak peek into the magic that is Shift!! This podcast is insanely near + dear to my heart and it feels so magical to be able to share it with you. In this episode, I share the first official track that sound healing practitioner Waverly Davis and I have co-created for Shift, the channeled teaching series dropping on August 23rd! 🎉 Each channeled teaching inside Shift answers a specific question and today's teaching answers the question, "how can we stay present while engaging with social media as creators?" So, get ready, buckle up + join us as we share the very first Shift track! Links to all the things: Sign up to get notified as soon as Shift goes on presale: https://www.carolineaddington.com/shift Learn more about Waverly Davis + her work in the world: https://www.waverlydavis.com Find us on IG and let us know how Shift landed for you! Waverly: @heywaverlydavis Caroline: @caroline.addington_
  • Empowered Expression podcast

    The Shift Series: All Things Sound Healing ft. Waverly Davis


    Ever wondered wtf sound healing is all about? Or what to expect during a sound healing experience? Well then hot damn, you lucky duck you, today's episode is all about THAT! Featuring the amazing Waverly Davis! 🎉 Tune in to learn from Waverly on things like... what the sound healing experience is like why it's so helpful for getting out of the mind and into the body what to expect from a sound healing experience why it goes together with the Shift channeled teachings like PB&J Wanna get to know Waverly + her work better? Here are all the links! web: https://www.waverlydavis.com IG: @heywaverlydavis Wanna sign up to here about Shift presale as soon as it starts!? Here's the link: https://www.carolineaddington.com/shift Come hang on IG + lmk how this landed with you!! 💜 @caroline.addington_
  • Empowered Expression podcast

    The Shift Series: All Your Shift Q's Answered


    THE EPISODE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FORRR!!! This puppy answers all the questions you might be asking yourself about Shift, the channeled teaching series opening later this month 🎉 In this episode, we're jamming on... what's inside Shift? how does it work? why have I been calling it the lovechild of a digital course + guided meditation? what kind of teachings can you expect? what's the deal with the sound healing? how will it help me experience results in my life?   Know you're interested + want to get updated as soon as presale goes live? Here's the link to sign up for presale notifications: https://www.carolineaddington.com/shift Come find me on IG and ask any questions that didn't get answered here! @caroline.addington_

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