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Diversity in Software Engineering: A Q&A with Alexander Serebrenik

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Dr. Alexander Serebrenik, professor at Eindhoven Technical University in the Netherlands, answers questions on his recent keynote at CBSoft 2020 which summarizes his years of research on understanding and addressing diversity and inclusion challenges in software engineering. He also shares with us some of the challenges in studying human aspects since given our training to study technical aspects, and questions are "bots also people"? The Q&A also leads to discussion about coding courses and hubs for women only, and affirmative hiring actions. Finally, Alexander discusses with us how we may leverage social media and inclusive tools to address diversity challenges.

This Q&A was recorded live as part of a workshop on Diversity, at a Senior Topics Course in Empirical Software Engineering at the University of Victoria on Oct 30th, 2020. In preparation for today's workshop, we read or watched materials posted on this page.

This Q&A is also available on YouTube.

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