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Steve DeVane | Your Midlife Transformation

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Steve DeVane is an author and former journalist. His passion for helping people and his love of writing come together in his recently published book, “Your Midlife – The Playbook for Your Second Half.” Steve spent a great deal of his career writing about wellness issues and personal transformations. His personal mission is to help people in midlife recapture the energy of their youth and transform their lives. His purpose in life revolves around three goals: to make a lasting impact, to be a driving force for good, and to live authentically while helping others find meaning in life.


In this episode, Matt is pleased to welcome Steve DaVane. Steve shares his transformative journey in midlife, highlighting the improvements he made in various areas of his life. He began by prioritizing an exercise routine, recognizing its significance for his overall well-being. In addition to physical changes, Steve also emphasizes the importance of improving mindset and practicing mindfulness. He embraced a more aware and present approach to daily life, incorporating meditation into his routine. This shift in mindset and increased mindfulness helped them navigate the challenges and stressors of midlife with greater ease and resilience.


Learn more from Steve DeVane and his book, “Your Midlife” by visiting


00:04:24 Journalist turned author shares midlife insights. 

00:07:33 Transformed life through exercise. 

00:16:47 Start small and be consistent. 

00:21:00 Improve gradually, give yourself grace. 

00:25:39 Try new things, reassess life. 

00:30:08 Embrace change and pursue fulfillment.


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