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Catherine Haggarty

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Dear Artists is a podcast dedicated to collecting and sharing love letters from artists to artists. Every episode begins with a love letter followed by an interview.

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  • Dear Artists podcast
  • Dear Artists podcast

    Kia Cannons


    Kia Cannons is an abstract artist and founder of Sticks and Ink. In this episode Kia wrote and read her love letter to you. We also discussed the many pivoting points of her art career, self worth, her vision for the future, and more. If you would like further support and connection, Dear Artists Circle is staying open throughout this quarantine period. We are offering 40% off our 3-month package until the end of May.  
  • Dear Artists podcast

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  • Dear Artists podcast

    A'driane Nieves


    A'driane Nieves (Addye) is an artist, activist, writer and speaker. She is also a founder of Tessera Art Collective, which serves women artists of color in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond.  This is an excerpt from her website. “As an artist, my mission is to disrupt your definition of normal. Recognize the richness of the colors around you. Create art that not just evokes emotion, but sparks dialogue and self-reflection. My art is a means of protest, but it's also survival and expression, exploration and discovery. This episode is sponsored by our very own Dear Artists Circle. Our support circle is open and available for artists who are seeking deeper connection and support. You can find out more information about the circle here.    
  • Dear Artists podcast

    Lisa Degliantoni


    Lisa Degliantoni is a community arts advocate and founder of Evanston Made. Over the past 8 years she has been building community and celebrating creatives artists. She is also a host of the Lisa D Show Podcast where she interviews artists and creatives in her hometown of Evanston, Illinois. Special News: Dear Artists Circle is enrolling new members until April 10th. Find out more information at  
  • Dear Artists podcast

    Kate Mothes


    Kate Mothes is an independent curator and founder of Youngspace. She wrote a love letter to you about art making in the time of crisis.  One of Kate's most favorite art exhibition as mentioned in the interview was called Light Box "Views," featuring work by Paulo Arraiano and Aires de Gameiro, curated by Daluz Collective at Galeria Foco in Lisbon, a pop-up exhibition between Foco's regularly scheduled exhibitions. You can read her full letter on Dear Artists website.

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