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Exploring ways for a business to be agile as it listens and responds to its team and customers... Host of Agile Digital Business is Vickie Maris - author, speaker, certified trainer / Authorized Partner - Everything DiSC® & The Five Behaviors®. She and her guests provide insights and ideas for personal and team development. You'll also hear insights on social media engagement, preparation for customers' uses of voice search and other steps to help you ready your teams and business for the future. In her over 30 years in corporate and in continuing education, she has led several successful teams and has run a successful music and farm business. One of her design and marketing teams launched and maintained the online, Lean Six Sigma and Project Management short course series at Purdue University.

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    Llamas: A Lesson in Leadership and Team Roles


    In Episode 36 of Agile Digital Business, hear insights about leader  selection, and about allowing team members to self select into ideal roles. Vickie Maris, host of the show, teaches in the professional development classroom (and virtual learning spaces) on leadership lessons gleaned from the raising and training of llamas, ponies, and other livestock on her farm. Show Notes for Episode 36 00:00 Introduction to information about a leader in the USA, NASA astronaut John Glenn - the third person and first American to orbit the Earth. In 1957, he made the first supersonic, transcontinental flight across the United States.  :54 The name of John Glenn is listed in Chapter 2 in the book, Why A Students Work for C Students, by Robert T. Kiyosaki. The list includes 50 people who didn't finish school. There are several presidents, authors, movie directors, playwrites, musicians and business founders and owners on the list. 2:36 Introduction of this episode of Agile Digital Business. 3:13 Leadership development program is referred to: Foundations in Leading Meaningful Change. 3:30 My Zoom call llama, Heartsong, joined me for teaching in a session of a virtual program on Leading Meaningful Change. This lesson was in situational leadership. For information about booking a llama for your next virtual training or online coffee chat: Book the llamas for an appearance -- 4:07 Think about how you select leaders for your organization. 4:33 Consider helping out Wikipedia if you use the web tool as a resource. The fundraising campaign is going now, but they welcome your donation at any point throughout the year. (Click the link to donate.) 5:14 Music plays and then you hear a setup to the instructional content. The audio was captured outdoors, and is a download from a Zoom call. 5:46 You will hear the reactions of people who were enrolled in the Leading Meaningful Change Foundations program. 6:12 The latest book by Beverly Patwell is Leading Meaningful Change: Capturing the Hearts, Minds and Souls of the People You Lead, Work With and Serve. 6:30 Vickie Maris teaches a short example about team roles by discussing a llama pack string hiking out on the trail. It's important to position llamas in the best role for each individual llama as they work on the trail. The ideal role for Heartsong in any scenario, is to serve as the lead llama. She selects this role if she is out grazing with the herd in the pasture or if she is working with a group on the trail. 7:40 Consider allowing your teams to self select into the roles they are best suited for. 8:00 Bev invites people to follow Vickie Maris on LinkedIn where you can hear more insights like the one she shared with her llama Heartsong. 8:15 Thank you for listening to Agile Digital Business. An invitation to subscribe to the show is included. #teachinspireconnect #agiledigitalbiz
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    Leader Effectiveness | Pete DeLisle Interview Part 2


    Pete DeLisle, PhD, uses memorable case studies and stories to reflect on  leader effectiveness that you can incorporate into your own style of leadership. He is my guest in Episode 35 of Agile Digital Business. Show notes, time codes and key take-aways: 0:00 A snippet of Pete teaching about the reciprocity behaviors of the Apollo 13 (you can watch the movie as homework!) :35 Intro of Episode 35 of Agile Digital Business :55 Request that you grab a screenshot of the show and share it on your favorite social media channel 1:16 Reminder that you can find key takeaways from this episode and others when you search on: #teachinspireconnect #agiledigitalbiz 3:04 Pete was a guest in Episode 32 of the show for the Part 1 interview 3:30 Welcoming Dr. Pete DeLisle back to the mic! 4:15 Pete teaches in the executive education. You can hear more of Pete's bio back in Episode 32. ... Framing the leader effectiveness theory ... 4:38 Introducing elements of leader effectiveness: awareness of self; awareness of other people (what's going on with them); situational awareness (what's going on around you). Leadership is the ability to influence people with or without authority. 6:42 "Leading without authority, to me, is a much higher form of leadership." - Pete DeLisle, PhD 6:58 The ability to make hard decisions. 7:30 The next element of the ability to lead is foresight. 7:46 Working through the what-might-happen-if scenarios. 8:06 Foresight causes a leader to develop a sense of preparedness. 8:32 Pete talks about the ethos of the US Coast Guard. Their motto is semper paratus. Their underlying ethos is: "We have to go out. We don't necessarily have to come back." 8:50 The last element of effective leadership is commitment. The three levels of engagement include volunteer, duty and reciprocity. 10:30 A question about the stage of a career at which a person thinks about the elements of an effective leader. 11:53 Ensuring that you're taking care of the folks you're working with. "If you don't have folks to do the job, frankly, the job doesn't get done." - Pete DeLisle, PhD 12:37 "We see many organizations that just drive people into the ground. They treat people as if they're expendable. They may be successful for a short period of time, but they don't last long. Sometimes we see organizations that are much more concerned about the welfare of folks, and they forget how to do business." - Pete DeLisle, PhD 13:20 "If I owned this business, how would I be handling this situation?" - a lens to use when viewing the actions of a leader. - Vickie Maris 15:45 References to the movie, and the real-live event of Apollo 13 ("One of the best movies on leadership and problem solving that you'll ever see." - Pete DeLisle, PhD) 17:30 Astronaut Capt. Jim Lovell's act of courage was to say out loud, over the air, in front of everybody, "Houston, we've got a problem." 18:15 The team on the ground had an absolute commitment to help them be safe and to get them home. 20:00 This episode is sponsored by the group coaching and courses offered through by Vickie Maris. Coaching Group: Introduction to Live-streaming and Engaging in Social Media  Coaching Group: DIY Course Creation and Recording of Direct-to-Camera Videos  Self-Study: DIY Course Creation and Recording of Direct-to-Camera Videos 22:45 If you would like to learn more about Pete DeLisle's schedule for teaching in professional development programs, send an email to agiledigitalbusiness @ gmail dot com, and we'll forward your inquiry to Pete. He is teaching in online environments as well as upcoming in-person events. 23:35 Story of Ken Mattingly on the ground in the simulator troubleshooting while his colleagues were in space. 25:11 Story of hearing Jim Lovell and Gene Kranz speak during the Ag Alumni Fish Fry for Purdue University, 2007. 26:10 Relating the story and movie of Apollo 13 to Vickie's dad, Jim Maris, a military pilot and also an educator. 28:16 Discussion about the times when rules need to be broken. 28:37 Brief story about the D-Day experience in a sky full of B-24s with lights out and in radio silence. 30:40 Pete describes an example of when a leader has to consider disobeying an order. 33:04 Pete shares an example of the captain of a US Navy Aircraft carrier making a decision to take the USS Theodore Roosevelt offline. 37:00 Homework assignments: Watch Apollo 13 and Princess Bride. Closing thoughts: "Leadership. It's about influencing people. It's not about rank. It's not about position. It's not about power. It's about the willingness to suggest to other people that there might be better ways to solve problems." - Pete DeLisle
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    Livestream Basics for Church Pastors | Coaching Call


    Listen in on a group coaching call in Episode 34 of Agile Digital Business, in which podcast host, Vickie Maris, was invited to be a guest presenter and coach. She was speaking with a group of Methodist pastors in Indiana about the basics of livestreaming a church service. Below are the show notes and time codes for this episode: 0:00 Introduction to Episode 34 of Agile Digital Business: Live Stream Basics for Church Pastors "Pastors are interested to learn more about how to engage with their participants in an online environment, and how to market the fact that worship services have moved online." - Vickie Maris 1:41 Episode Sponsor - 3-Session Group Coaching: Introduction to Livestreaming and Engaging in Social Media Sessions are 75 minutes each Jan. 8, 2021; 8 pm Jan. 15, 2021; 8 pm Jan. 22, 2021; 8 pm 3:00 Start of the coaching group call 4:35 Vickie provides background about the niche where she has been focused in recent years - how to incorporate social media into the overall marketing mix; and how to engage with students, customers and members within social media 5:39 Engaging in social media can be a fantastic evangelistic tool 6:13 Sharing of a quote from a Kyle Cease video on YouTube: "The reason that you're stressed and scared is because you can tangibly measure what you're going to lose, but it's really hard to see what you're going to gain." - Kyle Cease "We don't have numbers about the future." - Vickie Maris 7:48 Mention of the Scott Greeson Music page in Facebook 7:59 Mention of the Dawn of Promise Farm business page in Facebook 8:16 Perspective of a musician about the marketing for a church 9:22 Mention of where we're heading with voice technology, smart speakers, Google translating podcasts at the episode level for indexing and other changes 10:00 Discussion about a church's social media presence 10:55 A reminder to update the associated website and to put something on the home page that will alert the web visitor that the information on the website 11:26 Frequency of posting on your church's Facebook page 11:44 Mention of a social media post scheduler, Other services are available - both free and paid. 12:26 Hootsuite has an app which allows you to schedule posts or do live posting from your phone. 12:48 A suggested makeup of social media posts (graphics, quotes, videos, photos, Facebook Lives) 13:02 Don't assume that people will see your post just because you have posted. 14:46 Example provided from the business page in Facebook for Scott Greeson Music. Ask people, within the text of the post, to share the post on their personal profiles. 15:32 Suggestion of texting or calling members of the church (or employees of your business) to join the Facebook Live. Let them know the day and time, and explain how they can help out with liking, sharing, and commenting. 17:20 Use a Facebook Business page for your church rather than your personal profile in Facebook. 17:25 Reference to a post on Vickie's page in Facebook, Teach. Inspire. Connect. If you share on a phone tree about your online worship service, do that more than once in the week. Reach out to your email list more than once in the week, and provide instructions in each email about how to access the online worship service. 19:00 Subject headers of emails should be interesting and cause the reader to open the email. 19:36 Sample of an email subject header that would be more likely to grab the reader's attention 20:15 Examples of email sequences from successful entrepreneurs 22:49 Introduction and summary of next section which contains tips for conducting your Facebook Live 25:49 Be sure to look straight into the camera lens as you start your live-stream 26:20 Put your most interesting element upfront in the livestream 27:23 Example of how to invite those in your congregation or audience to help out by joining the broadcast via their phones and share out the broadcast on their profiles 28:03 A thank you to the participants of the call and to John Randall who invited me to teach on the call and provide coaching 28:34 You can let Vickie know about your experiences in applying one of these tools - send an email to her at agiledigitalbusiness @ gmail dot com 28:45 You can learn more about working with Vickie as a coach when you visit her website. If you'd like to join the next group coaching by Vickie Maris in Mastermind Dot Com, "Introduction to Livestreaming and Social Media Engagement," visit this link:   Description of upcoming group coaching on livestreaming:  Video description is here: Gain confidence to push that Go Live button for your course, webinar, training, worship service, mastermind, or other online session when you participate in this coaching group led by Vickie Maris. Join others who are new at running sessions in, Facebook Lives, YouTube Lives, Zoom sessions, and other online platforms.  In addition to the three, value-packed live training sessions (75-minutes each), you also get access to several of Vickie's master class videos on uses of mobile devices for recording that will provide useful reference points as you prepare your own training or presentation. If the dates and times of this series of three coaching sessions does not work for the group members you would like to enroll, please reach out to Coach Vickie through the contact form on her website to request an additional offering of the program. She's been in the trenches conducting livestreams since social media platforms made the technology readily accessible back in 2015. She started with Meerkat and Periscope, and has since moved to extensive use of Facebook Lives, and the recording of videos for LinkedIn for both a globally-renown university, and the promotion of her own businesses. She has also written an ebook on the first steps in establishing a social media presence for your business and how to engage with customers.  Vickie shares her experience which stems from over 20 years designing and marketing online learning experiences for business people in continuing education programs at universities. As a small business owner, she oversees the marketing and communications for her coaching business as well as for her llama and Connemara pony farm, Dawn of Promise Farm. She is co-owner of a music business along with her husband, Scott Greeson. They are both entertainers with a 7-piece band, and have a music/podcast/audiobook recording studio.   Her courses have been featured in the Udemy blog, and have won national awards in the university environment.  Get ready for a fantastic 3-session group coaching experience! #teachinspireconnect #agiledigitalbiz
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    John Lee Dumas on Livestream Strategy


    Creative entrepreneur, podcaster, author and speaker John Lee Dumas talks with me about strategy and techniques for livestreaming in Episode 33 of Agile Digital Business. Below are the show notes and time codes for this episode of the show. I've included reference links to books and videos that either John or I mentioned during our conversation. 0:00 Preview of content shared by John Lee Dumas "You should be looking, with any Facebook Live, to be solving one problem. You are looking to create a solution to one specific problem, obstacle, challenge." John Lee Dumas 0:39 I welcome you to Episode 33. I am your host, Vickie Maris. 1:27 Importance of listening to the voice of the customer 1:36 This episode is sponsored by Teach. Inspire. Connect. Online group coaching on the uses of Facebook Live for connecting with your audience and for using techniques in social media engagement. I also provide one-on-one, online coaching. 2:21 A challenge ... "Are your products or services, or the content that you're producing, relevant to your customers' clients or students needs today amidst all this change?" 2:59 Reflecting on Episode 29 and the interview with Mark Schaefer, author of Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins. 3:22 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and how we should be considering the model as we create products and services. 4:10 An excerpt is read from the ebook, The Pandemic Business Strategy Playbook. (Visit the link to visit the Businesses Grow website and download your free copy of the playbook.) 4:29 "The longterm relevance of the brand is more important than short-sales." 5:07 Story read from the Mark Schaefer ebook about his time as a sales manager at Alcoa when the company was facing quality programs that was causing a customer to miss delivery shipments. 7:56 Sharing of a review in Apple Podcasts by Reed Stiles for the Agile Digital Business podcast. 8:34 How to provide an honest rating and review in Apple Podcasts. Your ratings and reviews in other podcast directories or apps. 8:59 Introduction of John Lee Dumas 9:34 John Lee Dumas shares that he is now up to 2,600 episodes of his podcast, EOFire where he interviews successful entrepreneurs. 10:33 Speaking of gratitude for this moment and the way that John and Kate fold their life experiences in to the resources they create at EOFire. 11:06 Background information for John about the listeners of Agile Digital Business. 12:06 Making a pivot in Season 3 to help listeners uplevel in how they deliver instruction online; how they engage with customers online (webinars, multiple content experts on a Zoom call, conducting Facebook Lives, etc.) I work with instructors, ministers and others who have had to move from teaching within the classroom or sanctuary to teaching online. 12:59 Facebook Live: What advice do you have for how do we keep people on the broadcast.  "Start the Live with one intention. You have one intention that you are going to deliver throughout this 'Live.' Make it very clear in the title and description of the Facebook Live, what your intention is, and don't deviate from that. You should be looking, with any FB Live, to be solving one problem. You are looking to create a solution to one specific problem, obstacle, challenge." JLD 14:00 John provides an example of a Facebook Live about how to grow your podcast audience. He talks about a technique for keeping focus on the specific intention of the Facebook Live. 15:36 How to use your previous Facebook Lives as reference points you can provide to people who have questions about a specific topic. 16:31 For the instructor who is used to teaching in a time block such as a 50-minute class, would you break that apart in to separate Facebook Lives. John suggests breaking that original 50-minute class block in to shorter sections. 17:50 A question asked on behalf of musicians who are doing music online in lieu of concerts in traditional venues. John suggests doing a longer Facebook Live (more than 10 minutes) in you're entertaining people. 19:02 The longer you stay on with your concert, the better chance people have to stumble across your broadcast. 19:32 I give an example of the Tiny Farmhouse Concert that we were doing from the farmhouse at Dawn of Promise Farm during the shutdown. YOu can see replays in the Videos  19:44 A shout out to members of our 7-piece band, Scott Greeson & Trouble With Monday ... Lee Anna Atwell, Mark Molter, Greg Brassie, Stan Wallace, Kevin Ludwig, Scott Greeson, and myself - Vickie Maris Greeson. (See our online concert for the Virtual Taste of Tippecanoe! It starts at the 6-minute mark in this video from the Facebook Live by the Tippecanoe Arts Federation.) 20:30 A question about uses of audio content in different forms such as the podcast, Free Podcast Course, which starts and finishes with podcast training. Look at audio content in blocks. Create one series, one set of trainings that addresses one solutions.  22:49 For authors, I talk with John about whether or not he recommends creating a podcast of episodes that summarize the book? One of several books authored by John Lee Dumas is Podcast Launch. For podcasters, visit the membership community run by John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson, Podcaster's Paradise. I am a member and have benefited greatly from the instruction provided and the connections made within the group! 23:57 Thank you to John Lee Dumas and the closing thoughts. 24:18 Please connect by joining my email list. Simply send an email to vickiemaris   If you're interested in using Get Response for your email list manager and landing page service, please visit my affiliate link to learn more:   GetResponse - an all-in-one marketing software to grow your business Let's continue to Teach. Inspire. Connect.        
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    Peter DeLisle, PhD, on Leadership in Uncertainty and Complexity


    What do leaders need to be doing and thinking about in times of uncertainty and complexity? Pete DeLisle, PhD, chats with me on this subject in Episode 32 of Agile Digital Business. In a time when areas around our world have gone from simple to complex, almost simultaneously, Pete's reflections and insights are thought-provoking. Below are the show notes and time codes to help you navigate quickly back to a section you would like to listen to for a second or third time. 0:00 A preview of one of the many insights from Pete. :37 Introducing Pete DeLisle 1:17 Welcome to Episode 32 of Agile Digital Business; reflection on my pivot in Season 3 to bring you topics and interviews that will help you as you make adjustments to the changing needs of your customers, clients and students. 3:32 Sponsorship note - Teach. Inspire. Connect. - Online group coaching in uses of Facebook Lives and other forms of social media marketing and engagement. Current groups are running for church pastors of small to medium-size congregations and for small business owners, multi-level marketers and entrepreneurs. 6:23 Conversation begins with Pete DeLisle 8:40 "What we're encountering is massive, unpredicted or unrecognized change. Sadly, the old solutions don't work." - Pete DeLisle  10:37 Reference to vu ja de and George Carlin, "We've never been here before and it doesn't look at all familiar." 11:09 George Carlin was also informed by Yogi Berra, "We're lost but making good time." 11:27 "The old models don't work." Pete DeLisle 11:42 "The human factors are just as important as what we're trying to accomplish in our business." Pete DeLisle 13:10 More background about Yogi Berra and the New York Yankees 15:29 Intellectual honesty - you're honest about being honest. An effective leader is willing to be vulnerable. Example: "I don't have a clue what's going on here, but we'll figure it out." 16:16 On the idea of resiliency: "The underlying value is human compassion ... thinking what's going on with human beings and the full complexity of it." - Pete DeLisle 17:20 Pete discusses the task vs relationship diagram. "When you're working on one, you're not working on the other." Example: If the task is under control, you got to worry about relationship-related issues; and taking care of your folks. 20:30 We talk about a personal example of how elder care or concern for our families can cause distractions in the work day during a world crisis. 23:29 Story from the 1960s about Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett. 26:43 He mentions that the touch screen display was invented at a division at HP during the downtime. 29:40 "There are only experts on what has been. There are no experts on what will be." - a quote shared by Pete DeLisle 34:07 Concept of absorptive capacity - the ability of an organization to see or predict emerging trends in advance of others. 36:50 Pete gives an example about BASF and the strategic plan that is one sentence long: "We want to be in business 100 years from now." 38:34 Mid-conversation break where I announce the Part 2 interview with Pete DeLisle on the topic of foresight. I also mention my interview with John Lee Dumas. His episode is coming up here in Season 3. 39:34 "Agility is the ability to be responsive in expert fashion to rapidly-changing situations."  44:20 Invitation to continue the conversation in another episode of the show. 45:44 If you would like to send a suggestion for a topic for Pete to cover, please send an email to agiledigitalbusiness @ gmail dot com. You can also send a voice mail through the Speakpipe widget on my website: 46:25 Thank you to Pete DeLisle 46:44 Reminder that you can find resources that I mention on the podcast by searching on these hashtags, #teachinspireconnect or #agiledigitalbiz   47:35 Please join me to "go online" and teach, inspire and connect! Vickie Maris     4:00 Biography of Peter A. DeLisle, PhD  
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    Job Loss Book is in Kindle Book Bundle Offer


    This is a bonus episode featuring details about the opportunity to download 14 Kindle books in the self-help category between now and April 30, 2020 (midnight PST) for .99 each. Job Loss and the Cutback Blues: Journey of Grief, Uncertainty and Recovery After Being Let Go is one of the 14 titles available at the .99 cent price. To access the .99 cent offer, see the URL in my social media posts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram) from April 29-30, 2020. Use the #teachinspireconnect hashtag on search to scroll quickly to a post containing the details. Other books in this promotional offer include: Fear Unravelled Parents Take Heart I Didn't Part My Lips Essential Oils Have Super Powers Travel to Live Leap Afraid; Wild Wise Women Functioning Hot Mess Sleep When Food is Your Drug Heart For Women Crush Your Goals and Single Truth
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    Intro to Season 3 and Group Coaching Online | Livestreaming and Social Media Connections


    While introducing Season 3 of Agile Digital Business podcast, I share about topics and guests of upcoming episodes for helping you make adjustments - with your customers, clients and followers top of mind - to your online and livestreaming efforts during COVID-19 pandemic.  Highlights of this episode: 3:57 Episode 29 interview with Mark Schaefer, author of Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins 4:40 Upcoming interviews with Dr. Pete DeLisle on leadership during times of uncertainty and complexity; 5:16, and with global entrepreneur and podcaster, John Lee Dumas, who co-hosts Podcaster's Paradise with Kate Erickson. 6:39 Being a guest on Inside Voice podcast and interview by Keri Roberts. You can watch the replay of the episode as we recorded it live in Facebook using Facebook Live and Streamyard.  Group coaching sessions: Introduction to Livestreaming and Social Media Engagement Strategy (one group is for small business marketers and marketers who are wearing many hats within departments of larger organizations); the other group is focused for church pastors who have moved worship services online. 7:55 Multi-author book promotion in which you can get up to 14 books (Kindle version) in the self improvement genre for .99 cents each (USD) on April 29-30, 2020. My book, Job Loss and the Cutback Blues: Journey of Grief, Uncertainty and Recovery, is included in this promotion.) See the show notes for the pop-up episode to grab the link to the list of books available in the offer. 7:10 Hashtags: #teachinspireconnect and #agiledigitalbiz Additional time codes and topics of Episode 30: :25 Questions about livestreaming and how to interact in a livestream :48 Description of plans for Season 3 1:00 Making a pivot in order to bring you resources, and interviews with people who talk about concepts and techniques for effectively reaching and engaging with your clients and customers through livestream broadcasts. We'll also talk about communicating with your students online and leading your teams remotely during a crisis. Learn ways to future ready your business or organization to weather disruption. 1:25 Welcome and introduction. I am Vickie Maris, host of Agile Digital Business podcast. I am an author, speaker, digital marketer who is focused on helping you meet your customer or client right where they are in their point of need, and a coach helping you extend your reach and your message using various modes that we have available today in the digital realm - both at our fingertips and within reach of our voice. 1:57 This episode and Season 3 of Agile Digital Business is brought to you by my online coaching group, "Introduction to Livestreaming and Social Media Engagement Strategy." "If you have been using social media channels as a billboard in the past, and are interested in how to develop an engaged community of followers online who aren't just figuratively driving by your posts, graphics, videos and livestreams, but who are engaging with you in the online space, I encourage you to apply to join one of my coaching groups." Vickie Maris I'm currently running a group for small business, and another one for church pastors My work as a marketer, and an online course designer, as well as a published author and a musician, has had me deep in the uses of social media channels, creating podcasts, videos, and livestreams for many years. 2:54 Reminiscing about doing livestreams since 2015 when Meerkat and Periscope came out. 3:35 Learn more about the online coaching groups for learning about livestreaming and for building engagement in your social media channels that converts participation and attendance in your online events, check out 3:44 Fellow instructors, conference speakers and other connections will be guests on the show in Season 3. 7:16 #teachinspireconnect  #agiledigitalbiz 7:30 Find my posts in: LinkedIn ... Facebook ... Twitter ... YouTube ...   9:23 A shout out to Tonya Murray, author of Functioning Hot Mess, who coordinated the book promotion of 14 books at .99 cents each (self-improvement genre). 9:49 Join me in "going online to teach, inspire and connect!" Thanks for listening to the show. Vickie Maris  
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    Mark Schaefer interview during COVID-19 Pandemic


    Mark Schaefer, author of Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins, is my guest on Episode 29 of Agile Digital Business. He provides many valuable insights and examples of how companies can be reacting in the COVID-19 global crisis to remain relevant in the eyes of their customers. 0:12 "We have to think about the context of this moment..." 1:15 Welcome in to Episode 29 from host, Vickie Maris 2:20 A shoutout to Amanda and Jerry for submitting questions for Mark 2:34 Music 2:41 Introduction of Mark W. Schaefer. He is author of 7 books including Known and his latest book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Conmpany Wins. Mention of episode on Edge of the Web Radio hosted by Erin Sparks. 3:24 Experience as an instructor in the executive education classroom. Mark Schaefer taught a day of instruction on social media in the Digital Marketing Certificate program in its former structure of a 5-day program taught in Chicago, Illinois and done in collaboration between Rutgers University and the University of Notre Dame. (the university links will take you to the currently-available options for Digital Marketing Certificate programs at both institutions) 4:04 #agiledigitalbiz is the hashtag to search to find resources mentioned. I also use the hashtag, #teachinspireconnect 4:20 Marketing Companion - podcast that Mark co-hosts with Brooke Sellas 4:31 Digital Transformation - podcast that Mark co-hosts with Douglas Karr 4:48 Mark Schaefer was a speaker at Social Media Marketing World #SMMW20 5:04 Mark's opening comments of the interview 5:50 A thank you for the blog post on the blog: 7 Non-obvious coronavirus implications for marketing 6:37 These are unnerving and unprecedented times ... 7:05 "I can't imagine an event in my lifetime that would cancel baseball. Or cancel the Kentucky Derby..." 7:52 Looking at the relevance of our business in this moment. Quote to share ... 9:24 "It's time to reflect on this for all of our businesses. What we have built. What we love to do. What we're proud of. May not matter right now. We have to think about the context of this moment." Mark Schaefer, author of Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins 10:19 "We need to be sensitive that we're going through a process of grieving. Our customers are grieving. The unmet and underserved needs of our customers are changing." "We have to look at applying our core competencies in a way that is relevant to this moment." 10:45 Examples of companies that have shifted to meet current needs:  "They are re-imagining and reframing their business in this moment." U-Haul is offering free storage for a month to college students who are being evicted from their dorm rooms. 13:30 I share an example of how the global crisis with the spread of the coronavirus has effected my focus, and I mention how deep breathing has been helpful. 14:56 Client asked Mark how do you sell in an environment like this. Question to ask: How would you sell to someone at a funeral? ... You would say, I'm sorry for your loss. What can I do to help you. What do you need from me right now ... I want to be here for you."  15:50 I mention how important it is to reach out and ask for the voice of the customer in the moment. 16:31 Discussion about the explosion for opportunity to innovate. 17:27 "The beauty of America and the beauty of capitalism is that people are just frantically driven to figure it out." 18:30 Example of innovation by a furniture manufacturer in a previous global crisis. 21:48 I mention the topic of voice interfaces and ask for examples of how a digital voice assistant has been used during the crisis. Mark shares that what he has been seeing has been focused around safety, comfort and meeting basic human needs. 24:02 "People are really seeking human connection right now in a big way." 24:25 Discussion about how revenue streams for speaking and consulting have changed drastically. Review core competencies and how can you reframe to meet the needs of your clients now. 26:15 Q/A - questions submitted by members of my LinkedIn book club group that was set up to review Mark's book, Marketing Rebellion. 27:12 Jerry Cunningham asks if Mark has any BDPs of companies taking care of their super loyal customers. Example given is from the tech industry. 30:18 A theme of the marketing rebellion book is that today, two-thirds of our marketing is occurring without us. 30:40 Extraordinary approach of making customers feel they are a part of the product development team. 30:55 Question from Amanda: Something I have been thinking as I begin looking into starting my own local business, how do I poise myself as an authority locally? I was reminded in a post how “Businesses are taking a tremendous hit right now. The flow of goods is disrupted beyond anything that we have ever seen.” It seems like it will be all the more important once the flow of traffic goes back to normal to have a clear marketing plan to let it be known you’re still in business. 33:50 Discussion about how to take people on the journey with you if you're developing your voice in the industry and establishing authority; or the other option is that you're already an authority. 38:00 Music 38:01 I wrap up the episode and challenge you to Teach. Inspire. And Connect!   Thanks for listening to the show! And for reading through the show notes for Episode 29.  Vickie #teachinspireconnect #agiledigitalbiz #podcast   Note: Links to Amazon in the show notes for the podcast are typically affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and order the book, or the product, I would receive a small percentage of revenue from the sale of the product. Thanks for you support of the show. I also welcome you to support the show through a subscription in any monthly amount at my Patreon account:  
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    COVID-19 Outbreak and a Look Back To an Aviation Story in WWII History


    In Episode 28 of Agile Digital Business I share an interview with a loved one who experienced the uncertainties that came with World War 2. This episode is a shift from the topic of voice interfaces and smart speakers that I've been addressing in Season 2 of the podcast. 00:30 A mention of the global crisis of the spread of COVID-19 1:07 Setup of the interview with Lucille Maris about her experience of saying goodbye from a hotel rooftop in Topeka, Kansas as my dad, Jim Maris, flew over with his crew in their B-24. 1:49 The background music starts as I talk about the characteristics of courage, faith, tenacity and the ability to face uncertainty during times of change.   Tweetable: "That was just what we all did [during World War II]." - Lucille Maris, 97, wife of Jim Maris, an US Army Air Corps bomber pilot #quote #aviation #mindset #uncertainty #coronavirus 2:35 Talking about the unknowns associated with World War 2 - an event that reached around the globe. 3:05 Steps that my 97-year-young mom is taking to maintain her good health during the threat of the coronavirus. (Drinking water, exercising, meditation, prayer, eating well, chatting with friends over the phone to stay in community.) 4:45 Preview of audio that is included in the next episode, 29, which is my interview with Mark Schaefer, speaker, consultant, and author of seven books. His most recent business book is Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins. 5:45 An invitiation to you to subscribe to this podcast, Agile Digital Business. Please share this episode with a friend, family member or colleague. 6:03 Mark Schaefer talking about the importance of thinking about the context of this moment, and how we as business owners and organizations respond. 6:58 "We need to think within the context of this moment...We're going through a process of grieving, I think our customers are going through a process of grieving. We need to be sensitive to this - the unmet and underserved needs of our customers are changing dramatically." Mark Schaefer 7:10 The show notes are available at my blog here in Libsyn, You can also search on the hashtags: #agiledigitalbiz and #teachinspireconnect (resources from other content sources that I think you might find helpful). 8:15 Interview I had with my mom, Lucille Maris, in 2014 as she recounted the story of saying goodbye to my dad in 1943. He left Topeka in the B-24 bomber with his 10-member crew. They buzzed the top of the Hotel Jayhawk and waved the wings of the aircraft to say goodbye to my mom and the three other wives standing atop of the hotel. 14:08 Working on the editing and additional writing to my dad's memoirs from World War II. I'm adding mom's perspective as a stateside bride on the homefront. 15:29 Summary of the work of Professor Jim Maris at Purdue University as Department Head of Aviation Technology. He also continued to teach a course in Aviation History and did public speaking about his perspective as a pilot in World War II. 16:45 You can find the video documentary course in Udemy at 17:25 Invitation to you to join my broadcasts from my Facebook page to share excerpts from the 30-day journal, Changing Life After a Life-Changing Event: 30 Journal Prompts and Stories to Help After a Loss. 18:39 Thank for listening to Episode 28 of Agile Digital Business. The next episode is the interview with Mark Schaefer.   #teachinspireconnect #agiledigitalbiz  
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    How a broken bridle on a reining horse can relate to voice and other digital disruptions


    In Episode 27, hear an analogy of how the removal of a broken bridle from a reining horse during a championship-level ride can relate to our choices to either support or interfere with our marketing and technology teams as they offer strategies to future ready our businesses. Welcome in to Episode 27 of Agile Digital Business podcast where Season 2 is focused on the voice platform. I am Vickie Maris, a digital futurist, voice platform evangelist, and host of Agile Digital Business podcast. I like to challenge you to see the future of your business through the lenses of your future customers, clients, association members and program participants. Through the listener community in Patreon, you can engage in discussion around the topics covered in the podcast that will spark ideas for how you can flex your strategy and align the way you communicate about your products and services in ways that your customer is asking for today.  This episode is "freestyle." I'd like to bring you up to speed on where I’ve been. If you’ve been listening to the show on a regular basis, you’ve heard me talk about our music. My husband, Scott Greeson and I, are songwriters and entertainers. When we book for festivals and concert venues, we are often performing with our friends in the band, Trouble With Monday. We also perform as a duo, trio and other combinations of the musicians in the band. Our world was rocked on Jan 31st when we learned that our sound man, Bryan Metzger, had passed away of a heart attack while on vacation. There are still moments when it is hard to believe that he’s gone. We have been practicing many of the tools that I have written about in my books for processing grief in healthy ways that lead us in to the future rather than dwelling on the past. But believe me, there are moments when that is a lot easier to say than to do.  Scott and I are leading a day retreat, Changing Life Journal Writing Retreat, to help you with advancing your writing projects and journaling on March 7th at an Airbnb in South Bend, Indiana near Notre Dame. We’re looking forward to spending time in the quiet to reflect, to write, to plan and to support each other in a few moments of quiet conversation during the day. If you would like to join us for the event, there are a few spots remaining. It’s listed out on EventBrite.    One of the reasons I started delving in to understanding the voice platform and how musicians, authors and businesses should be preparing, was because we haven’t had great results when asking Amazon Alexa if she has information about Scott’s music or about my books. I have been working on changes to my website and other marketing in order to make my content more discoverable. Here’s the curiosity - since my books are self-published in Amazon, you would think that it would be really easy for Alexa (created by Amazon) to dip in to a data pool that would provide her with details about the titles, author, or content. But she isn’t yet very informed so, I am, one very slow step at a time, updating my web pages, claiming my author panel in Google, updating my About page, improving load time on my site, and several other things.   One of my favorite episodes in the voice space during recent weeks has been the 100th episode of Inside Voice. The episode is titled, Marketing Tips by Leaders in the Space. I highly recommend that you listen to it. The show is hosted by Keri Roberts. There is a focus on voice technology with educational and innovative content. I often listen to episodes of this show during my commute. Because of that, I use my voice to take notes by asking Siri to “make a note.” I have developed a process for putting a keyword in the first sentence of each note so they are easier to search for later when I’m developing a podcast episode or writing my next book. For instance, I might say, Siri, make a note, and then my first sentence will be, Podcast next episode, period. Include my notes from episode 100 of Inside Voice podcast, period. Helpful tips for my listeners. Period.   One of the concepts shared by Stuart Crane of Survey Line and Voice is that his companies are collecting leads by voice and creating tools to help other companies use voice for lead generation. The tool,  surveysbyvoice is a product of Survey Line. Stuart also talks about a new platform his company has available called For details about tickets for Voice Summit, Oct. 5-8, 2020, in Washington, DC:   I have recently proposed a conference talk on the topic of future readying your professional development center to survive and thrive in an age of self-education, AI and other digital disruptions. I’m looking at how trends in self-education, uses of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the advance of digital voice assistants are shaping lifelong learning. It’s such a fascinating space. I’ve heard Dr. Joe Dispenza say on videos in YouTube that in the age of the Internet with all the information that is available for free, ignorance is a choice.   Scott and I will be playing music for a private event on Saturday night with a couple of our other fellow musicians. After that event, I head out to Social Media Marketing World Conference. I’ve attended that event since 2014 and find it to be one of the best run conferences around. I do admit that I liked it better when it wasn’t so huge in terms of numbers who attend, but it still is an amazing place to get energized about techniques and tools for marketing and engaging in social media with your customers. In fact, it was at one of the previous editions of this conference when I learned about Flash Briefings in a breakout session for podcasters. Last year, I gleaned several great pieces of content for developing a YouTube channel and for taking advantage of LinkedIn and the fact that there is so little original content posted by LinkedIn users. That hasn’t been a category that I fall in as I have loved to post short videos on LinkedIn about leadership lessons and tips for working with teams that I pick up from the time I spend training our llamas and Connemara pony. In fact, I just posted a new video last night on my LinkedIn feed, that I recorded while sitting in the barn aisle with the llamas. I talk about developing trust among your team members. A few days prior to that, I shared a link to a video on YouTube of an amazing ride by Dan Huss on his championship reining horse, a Quarter Horse, Ms Dreamy. The bridle broke during the early part of the ride. Dan chose to continue the pattern. He reached down to get the swinging bridle out from between the front legs of his mare, and then rode her as if there was no tomorrow. By putting a 2nd hand on the reins, he was disqualified but it didn’t deter him. Every turn, every change of speed, every sliding stop, was delivered expertly and calmly by his horse through communication she was receiving from Dan by slight changes in his seat and legs; and a demeanor that reflected their long-time connection. It made me think of the things we’re all doing to get our businesses future ready for voice. Are you pulling your marketing team up to a halt to assess the situation, to approve of every equipment change and to get legal involved? Or are you reaching in while they are still at full speed and getting broken equipment out of the way so that they can take the company (your team) to future success by opening up channels to better listen to your customers in the ways they want to be communicating with you? I hope it’s the latter. As I’ve been listening to and watching videos of Dr. Joe Dispenza talking about speaking intentions about the future and speaking gratitude about the future as if it already exists, I’ll leave you with this thought to consider for the next part of your day, “What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?”    Friend, I love you and appreciate you being here listening and learning. Now, please join me in the quest to teach; inspire; and connect!

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