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EP57 - Corinne's live fertility coaching call

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We’re excited to be able to share with you a live fertility coaching call with one of our spotlight members - Corinne.

Normally these, like everything in our Toolbox app, are kept private to members only. However, kindly Corinne has allowed us to share her call to inspire and help others.

Each month in the Your Fertility Toolbox app, we feature a member in a spotlight member call. We know how important hearing other people’s stories are so we showcase these in various ways. The spotlight member call is really special as you get to listen in to the recommendations and suggested tools given to each member and apply them to yourself!

Fertility coaching is action-orientated which differs from fertility counselling. It means we get specific and are forward-facing rather than mostly looking backwards.

It’s incredibly successful in helping women improve their mindset, hope and positivity during infertility.

The 'Your Fertility Toolbox' app is a coaching-orientated wellness space for women going through infertility. Access hundreds of mind and body tools, regular events and dedicated support from fertility coaches, experts and mentors.

This month, you can join as a VIP member for free using the discount code ‘MARCHMADNESS’ - giving you your first month free (normally $19 per month). Learn more and join us here.

In this episode:

  • Corinne shares her highly-relatable story of waiting to have kids then realising it wasn’t going to be easy to conceive
  • Hear her journey through IVF and where she is at now
  • Corinne talks of her struggles with comparisons to others and we discuss specific strategies she can use to support herself
  • We talk about planning for results and how she will communicate with her partner around it
  • Find out about her ‘optimistic boots!’

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  • Your Fertility Toolbox - Free resources, tools and exclusive community for emotional support during infertility.  Use code ‘MARCHMADNESS’ to get your first month of VIP membership for free.

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