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TNMU #241: Leading the Education of Your Son with Matt Barnes

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Who is the child you want to give to the world? That one question changed the life of today’s guest, both as a dad and as a professional. Matt Barnes is a Learning Coach who helps parents grow Self-Governing, Self-Driven Learners. He’s also a father of three kids, all of whom he describes as self-governing beasts. Matt is disrupting the way we think about education and inviting dads to take a strategic approach to the future men they are raising. 


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Extended Notes:

  • Most of our problems stem from how we think, which comes from how we’re educated
  • There’s been an inversion of the primary place of education, from the home to the institution of schooling
  • The institution of school is designed to encourage finding the right answers and regurgitating them
  • Truth lies within the family; it is not up to the institution to define truth for kids; the key question is who decides what truth is?
  • Media is the greatest influence in kids today; dads need to engage with that media and disrupt the messages kids are receiving; invite kids into a conversation about the message and the messenger
  • Preparing self-leaders will allow them to learn their way out of any situation
  • Matt’s Key Question: Who is the child you want to give to the world?
  • Noticing and working with your child’s interest allows you to build a learning journey with them, for their own self learning and discovery
  • The school room is uniquely designed to frustrate boys; Dads must engage early and often as the strategist for their son’s life

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