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Have you ever chosen a word for the year? Something to help guide you and provide focus as you navigate the next 12 months? Maybe you’ve never heard of this idea before. In this first episode of the new year, Mark and John get into their experience with this process, what it’s meant to them, and how you can adopt it for yourself, for your marriage and with your kids as well.


A resource to use: https://www.fillingthejars.com/word-for-the-year/


Extended Notes:

  • A word to help focus the next 12 months, different from goals or values
  • Can help establish a fixed posture as you go throughout the year
  • Over time, these words can build and capture your journey from year to year
  • Choose a word in the way you typically make a decision, work with what works for you
  • This can be a way to receive something Father wants to give you
  • Allow the word to inform the entirety of your life
  • Can also do this with your marriage, with your family, and with each of your kids
  • If you do this, you must regularly remind yourself of the word; this activates the brain to help maintain the focus and receive what’s there

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