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How to Create Irresistible Offers (And the Six Qualities of Highly Irresistible Offers) - Part 3

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How many times have you bought something that’s not on your shopping list?
That lipstick or that sneaker that you bought last week. Perhaps it was a chocolate that you snagged while standing in the queue to buy groceries. Or maybe it's something else you bought. Apparently, impulse buying accounts for between 40 and 80% of purchases.

But that's what humans do.
We are emotional beings. We tend to do a lot emotionally and later justify rationally. I’m sure you have a reason why you purchased that sneaker or lipstick last week. But I know why you “really” did that. No, not because you were excited, or sad, or angry. It’s because you were made an irresistible offer.

Common, that's not true.
It is. And that's what we cover in this episode of The Launch Plan podcast. You will learn:

  • Why we buy stuff that are not on our shopping list (even if they are expensive).
  • The six factors that you can use to infuse irresistibility into your offers.
  • Learn how to use these factors in your offers with the tips we share inside the Launch Plan Workbook.

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