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How to Create Irresistible Offers (And Learn What’s Inside Your Buyers’ Minds) - Part 2

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Why do clients buy?
The biggest question on any entrepreneur's mind is this. What makes people buy? The answer is pretty straight forward today, as opposed to a few years back. They buy something to fix a problem. Even iPhone buyers but their expensive Apple gadgets to fix problems. Sometimes the problem could be a functional one (like, "safe from spam ware"), a personal one, or a social one (like, "feel good when I'm with my peers").

Can you scan your clients' brains?
If you are creating an online course or an information product, you want to know if your clients will buy your course or not. You will definitely know it when you present them your offer. But that's too late. What if they don't buy? Is there a way to know what clients want before you make them an offer?

You need to listen to their stories.
And that's what we cover in this episode of The Launch Plan podcast. You will learn:

  • The idea of "Jobs to Be Done" and how McDonald's used it to create a successful line of milkshakes
  • How to listen to "Job Stories" (and the three key elements you need to look for)
  • What are the exact questions you need to use to learn what your clients will spend money on

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