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#33 ADRIAN BLOOM -FOGGY BOTTOM - a garden to share

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In this episode Joff talks to Adrian Bloom about his new book FOGGY BOTTOM - A GARDEN to SHARE.

From breaking turf in an empty meadow in 1966, to its near maturity in 2023 it is the story of a garden and its plants. That’s a 56-year-old garden with stories to tell. 

More important in Adrian’s view is what the Foggy Bottom Garden represents today and how many more can benefit from sharing it. He shows and describes changes in weather and habitats, dramatic seasonal changes shown through the diversity of many worthwhile plants.  

How to keep a balance between design and ‘right plant’, ‘right place’ and need for change as the garden grows and develops. Adrian has continually adapted his garden as the once empty windswept meadow became sheltered and shaded. Flooding still happens from time to time, spring frosts seek out early flowers, occasional gale blows the tops out of trees.

Joff discovers Adrian's early passion for speed skating, how a seed brought back from his adventures is now a 100 foot Redwood tree, the fashion for conifers and the changing markets. The early days of Foggy Bottom from a stark new-build bungalow with a small garden to a six acre garden planted as a test ground for perrenials and conifers. 

To have a look at the books and it's contents or to purchase go to the Foggy Bottom website here.


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