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#32 DEREK GOW - straight talking rewilder-farmer-turned-ecologist

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Derek Gow is a farmer and nature conservationist. Born in Dundee in 1965, he left school when he was 17 and worked in agriculture for five years. Inspired by the writing of Gerald Durrell, all of whose books he has read - thoroughly - he jumped at the chance to manage a European wildlife park in central Scotland in the late 1990s before moving on to develop two nature centres in England. He now lives with his two children on a 300-acre farm on the Devon/Cornwall border which he is in the process of rewilding.

Derek has played a significant role in the reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver, the water vole and the white stork in England.

He is currently working on a reintroduction project for the wildcat.

I ask Derek about his transition from Scottish farm to Scottish wildlife park to a 300 acre rewilding project in Devon.

We talk extremes from huge water buffalo to tiny harvest mice and from Heck cattle whose sole aim in life seems to be to kill you to water voles and white storks. 

Derek is a straight talker with a dislike for commitees much prefering to be hands on getting jobs done while others continue to discuss and debate. 

If you like what you hear you can stay on Derek's farm to see for yourself what he's getting up to. Go to www.rewildingcoombeshead.co.uk 


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