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#014 - CEO Of BODYARMOR, Federico Muyshondt’s Journey To Leading A Major Brand. The Perspicacity Of A Corporate Athlete!

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In today’s episode of the Endurance Cartel, we are joined by Federico Muyshondt, CEO at BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition. After finishing his MBA in Business Administration at Ryce University in Texas, Federico went on to work with titans in the food & beverages industry like Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and Danone.

Friends for years, Federico and Javier reminisce about their childhood memories, the important moments in Federico's journey to becoming the man Coca-Cola trusted to bring down Gatorade, their main competitor in the sports drinks niche, and how Kobe Bryant was one of the most important influences in Federico's career.


In today’s episode:


(02:12) Federico Muyshondt joins the show, reminiscing over his friendship with Javier and his family.

(04:50) First reaction of Federico when he received an offer to run Coca-Cola. 

(07:30) A dream of taking down the competition in the industry

09.00) The Why behind Federico’s career in the health industry.

(11:00) The importance of hydration in BodyArmour’s product conception.

(13:00) The changes that Federico wants to operate on PowerAid.

(15:10) The proper way to implement sports drinks in our routines.

(17:45) BODYARMOR- communication and promises to the consumer.

(20:20) The new trendy practice of boosting caffeine in sports drinks.

(21:15) The days when Coca-Cola was a sports drink compared to today.

(22:40) The importance of picking brands we trust from people we trust.

(23:55) The reason behind Kobe’s investment in BODYARMOR.

(26:00) Kobe Bryant’s legacy through BODYARMOR’s social initiatives.

(27:30) The moment endurance sports made Federico feel superhuman.

(31:30) A deeper reason behind hitting the gym and eating healthy.

(33:30) The person that inspired Federico to become who he is today.

(37:20) Federico’s advice to anyone listening.



“This obsession of becoming better, this obsession that becomes a passion and gives you more energy than it consumes. That’s when the magic happens. That’s what the mamba mentality is all about. Kobe used to say we rest at the end, not in the middle.”

“More than 50% of the time, sports drinks are consumed while not performing activities...so if you’re going to have a sports drink, make sure that you have one that is better for you, natural, and not loaded with calories and sugar.”

“When Kobe was asked how he chooses a business to invest in, he said that the product should be a superior product but most importantly the founder and the passion of the team behind the product. If that passion is really an obsession and he sees that fire within the team.”

“This is a brand that carries on in Kobe’s memory, we talk about him all the time. We live the mamba mentality all the time.”

“I see myself as a corporate athlete. The job that I have with the time commitments but not forgetting about my family. You have to be physically and mentally crisped all the time”. 

“My dad was the person who taught me the mamba mentality before it existed. A week after his death, I get a call to be the CEO of the company that Kobe BRYANT founded.”

“Surround yourself with people that are better than you. Be humble enough and don’t be insecure to surround yourself properly...Don’t forget that nobody gets it right the first time, just keep going.”

“More than your job, more than your college, by far the most important decision of your life is your partner.”


Links selected from this episode:

 The Mamba Mentality-is a way of life and a perspective developed and written about by Kobe Bryant in his book. Bryant defines mamba attitude as continually striving to be our best selves. He said that it refers to people being better each day than they were the day before. Simply defined, the mamba attitude is about facing your anxieties and becoming your best self.

BODYARMOR- is a Coca-Cola Company-owned American sports drink brand. Its products include Sports, Lyte Sports, Edge Sports, and SportWater. In 2011, Mike Repole invented the cocktail. The Coca-Cola Firm took a minority share in the company in the summer of 2018 in order to establish BODYARMOR as a premium sports beverage above its own Powerade brand. Then it purchased the remaining 85% share of the firm in November 2021.

Gatorade-  Gatorade is an American beverage and food company best known for its distinctive range of sports beverages. PepsiCo now manufactures Gatorade, which is sold in over 80 countries. A team of researchers led by Dr. Robert Cade invented the beverage in 1965. It was created for the University of Florida's Gators to restore the carbohydrates that the school's student-athletes burnt as well as the mix of water and electrolytes that they lost via perspiration during intensive sports activities.

Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation: The Mamba & Mambacita Athletics Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to making a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged athletes and boys and girls via sports. Kobe and Gianna "Gigi" Bryant's vision and loving memories inspired the creation of this organization.

 Whole 30: The Whole30 is a 30-day elimination diet that promotes healthy foods while excluding sweets, alcohol, wheat, and dairy. The classic Whole30 also forbids the intake of legumes and soy, although a plant-based variant of the Whole30 permits for the ingestion of those food categories. Wikipedia


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