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Ep. 17 "WyrmBlade"

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Greetings one and all!!

Today we talk about the 10th edition of Warhammer 40k and what we would like to see coming up as Zak, Gabe, and Jason also chat about our hobby progress! In the second half, we talk about Kill team! A great format for new beginners in the ways of both 40k and the Cult! Bringing out the best of the cult in close-quarters combat people only need to buy a small part of models to engage in fun battle! The name of Genestealer Cults kill team is the "Wyrmblade"

We thank you for listening in and if you wanna chat with us or learn more about Geneseatler Cult check us out on Facebook at "CultAmbushPodcast" or even join up on the "Geneseatler cult" Facebook page!

"Share us with your friends! Share us with your Enemies!"

Patriarch Gabe.

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