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Ep. 16 "Guest of the Cult!"

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"In this episode of the Cult Ambush Podcast, we are greeted by a guest!! Jason has come to tell everyone about the lore and influence the Genestealer cult has in another tabletop game called "Necromunda" In this time slowly approaching 10 edition Warhammer we reach out to learn more about how Genestealer Cults are in other games and continue our spread across the gaming world! We also answer questions from viewers like you!

We thank you for listening in and if you wanna chat with us or learn more about Geneseatler Cult check us out on Facebook at "CultAmbushPodcast" or even join up on the "Geneseatler cult" Facebook page!

"Share us with your friends! Share us with your Enemies!"

Patriarch Gabe.

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