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Wing Chun Talk Episode #13

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In this episode of Wing Chun Talk, Shawn brings Sifu Bran, Co-Owner, and Coach from Revolution Wing Chun, into the Wing Chun talk studio.

As with all episodes, Shawn digs into what triggered the curiosity for Sifu Bran to first investigate Wing Chun and then stick with it. They talk about how Sifu Bran wants to keep his community - Revolution Wing Chun, similar to how it was when he came up through his training. With the focus, he wants to be highlighted as being family-based, a real team environment, and having openness within the group as well as having a high level of acceptance to the martial arts community in general.

Stick around to the end, where Sifu Bran drops his tips on how to improve your Wing Chun! But don’t worry, Sifu Bran does not hold all his advice for the end, he starts dropping gems right from the start.

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