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56. Listeners On The Mic! - Charlie's Story

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This week kicks off the first episode of TRIBE TALK featuring one of you! The listeners! If this is brand new information for you then this season I’m opening up the conversation to people who may not have a big following but who have a story to share. Over the last 9 months it has become more and more obvious that for us to thrive and live a fulfilled life we need to connect. So my aim with this is for people from all walks of life to come on, have a chat with me and share their experiences of struggle, adversity and the moments that made them. When we listen to these stories something incredible happens: we feel seen, we feel understood and we can find a sense of hope and strength that no matter what we are going through we aren’t alone.

If you’re listening to this and feel like there’s a part of you that wants to come on and have a chat with me for the podcast just pop me a DM on Instagram @emjandrew or @tribetalkpodcast or email me at [email protected]

This week I am so happy to bring Charlie on the podcast. Charlie is an incredible 21 year old who has faced many challenges throughout his life and shares them through his writing for Arthur’s place. Arthur’s Place is an online magazine and social network for young adults with arthritis. I’ll add some links in the show notes if you want to find out more and read Charlie’s articles. We chat about living with a chronic illness and the Charlie shares how he has found that others have had more understanding of people in his situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. He shares the best advice he's received as well as the things that helps him when he's having a difficult day.

I'm so looking forward to bringing more stories like this to the podcast!

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Some of Charlies Articles:

To find out more about Arthurs Place:

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