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051 TRIBE TALK - Locked Up and Sober with Liz Morris

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This week I am joined, once again with the incredible Liz Morris!

We catch up on each others lockdown experiences, discuss eating more and doing less and chat about sobriety.

We discuss the stupid stuff we did that made us think that drinking wasn’t good for us, blackouts, painful moments that made us decide to give up the booze, how we approached it, what we think about the word ‘alcoholic’, what has helped us over our own journeys.

I think we both shared a lot more about our experiences with alcohol than we thought we might but it was SUCH an incredibly honest, safe and soulful conversation. I am so grateful to Liz for opening up and allowing me to open up too. I think this chat is going to be really helpful to those who struggle with their relationship with food, alcohol or may have just been drinking more than they’d like in lockdown.

You can find Liz on Twitter @ElizabethMorri_ and instagram @elizabethmorris___

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