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How Are You Uniquely Designed?

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What is the best way for you to use your energy? How should you make important decisions? It turns out, it might be different for each person.

Dale and I are big fans of learning about things outside of our industry and what we do day to day. You never know how these lines of curiosity will end up improving your skills or help with making connections.

Recently I've been learning about something called Human Design. Human Design (or HD for short) is a way to understand how you're uniquely wired. I've found it very helpful with picking what projects to focus on and the best way for me to get work done.

In this episode I take a look at Dale's HD chart and we find his type and inner authority.

Through trial and error Dale is doing a pretty good job already of living his design, but once we reach the way he makes decisions, we find a few things he can work on.

I hope you'll enjoy this very different (yet still Kyle and Dale style) episode of the Dale & Kyle Show.

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