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Ep. 61: Breaking Down Traditional Corporate Philanthropy Models & Building the First Sustainability-Centered Rewards Marketplace with Eunice Jung at Future

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In the latest episode of The Boss Ladies Podcast, Manasi and Sualeha sit down with Eunice Jung, Head of Partnerships at Future. Future is a payment platform that pays you to go green—giving you 5% cash back or more and rewards on everyday green purchases through partnerships with brands that simplify a green lifestyle. At Future, Eunice developed a pipeline for Future’s ecosystem partners, from D2C brands to B2B relationships, & built the first sustainability-centered rewards marketplace from 0 to 100+ strong Future partners and 50,000+ low carbon, sustainable businesses across America in less than a year.

We kick off the episode by discussing Eunice’s experience growing up across 3 different cities—in Oakland, California; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Seoul, South Korea—and how it shaped her perspective coming into Stanford, where she studied Anthropology and International Relations, eventually getting her Master’s in Sustainability Science and Practice. Eunice dives deep into the research behind her Honors Thesis, looking at the structures of desire shaping the decision-making process of girls when choosing to enter industries, such as the garment industry. Eunice then shares her insights on the norm of philanthropic efforts by the global north pouring money into various regions, particularly within the global south, bringing up the central question: how do we go about eliminating the traditional corporate model of evaluating girls education as a cost-benefit analysis of seeming the best while maintaining most corporate benefit?

Eunice then discusses her transition from more research-oriented work at Stanford to working at a fintech startup, where she had the opportunity to design her own role. Eunice discusses both her role at Future in working with a wide range of partners and what evaluating effective climate-friendly investments looks like on the part of other companies. Eunice also shares her philosophies regarding B2B and B2C relationships, how financial movements serve as powerful action in shaping corporate change, and how Future shapes their strategic initiatives for growth to remind consumers that they have fiscal power through their spending habits and everyday financial decisions.

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