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Ep. 34: Engineering Orbital Missions, Designing the First Spacesuit For Women, and Crowdfunding with Sabrina Thompson

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In this episode, Manasi and Sualeha sit down with Sabrina Thompson, Aerospace Engineer at NASA and CEO & Founder of GIRL IN SPACE CLUB where she’s brought together a group of women who span fashion design, product development, and space travel to develop a prototype for a women’s space travel suit. We discuss how Sabrina’s fascination with complex systems found in spacecraft led her to pursue her twelve-year-long career at NASA and her passion for art and fashion growing up. As human spaceflight has progressed to be more inclusive of women (the current corps of NASA astronauts is 40% female & private spaceflights have 24% female crewmembers) Sabrina breaks down understanding the problem of and necessity for a women’s space travel suit. She also expands on the interdisciplinary and real-world application-based nature of GIRL IN SPACE CLUB’s education programs aiming to encourage young women to envision themselves as astronauts, scientists, and space travelers of the future. We close the episode by discussing problem-first product development and how innovation in fashion has the potential to create advancements in safety suits designed for extreme conditions.

Check out GIRL IN SPACE CLUB Here:

Kickstarter for Women's Space Travel Suit:


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