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What Dads of Autistic Kids Need to Know about Neurodiversity in the Workforce

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80-85% of young autistic adults are unemployed and underemployed………………………………………


It doesn’t have to be this way. …..


Many organizations are now incorporating neurodiversity as a part of their broader DEI efforts.  Furthermore, there is deeper awareness and support for neurodiverse employees in the workplace.


Nonetheless, young autistic adults face immense challenges as they enter the workforce.  Please join Paul as he engages in an animated discussion with Becca Lory Hector on this topic.  Becca is not only the Founder of Truly Inclusive Leadership, an organization dedicated to supporting and integrating disabled employees in the workplace, but she herself was diagnosed with autism at the age of thirty-six.


Paul and Becca discuss the following:

· Common challenges autistic employees face in the workforce

· What autistic employees can do to self-advocate in the workplace

· Reasonable accommodations that organizations can make that benefit of their neurodiverse workers

· How Dads can effectively prepare their autistic kids to transition into the workforce

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