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What Dads of Autistic Kids Need to Know about Burnout

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Burnout...........we hear this term everywhere…….office workers, nurses, teachers, police officers, working Moms…  but is the phenomena of burnout different for parents with autistic kids?

The answer may surprise you (and it’s a resounding yes).


Within the autism community, parents navigate therapy appointments, IEP meetings, endless calls with health insurance companies, meltdowns, special diet needs, and creating a sensory-safe environment for their kids.


In this episode, Paul discusses burnout with Christopher MacLellan, CEO of the Whole Care Network – an organization dedicated to promoting care and support to families or anyone in a caregiving role.


Paul & Christopher discuss the following


-Why addressing burnout matters

-The impacts of burnout if not addressed

-Strategies and tips for minimizing burnout

-Manageable self-care tips that don’t take lot of time or money

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