The Autism Dadvocate Podcast podcast

The Need for Community and a Supportive “Tribe” for Fathers of Autistic Children

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Our current US Surgeon General – Vivek Murthy – recently stated that loneliness in the U.S  has become epidemic, and is as detrimental to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


Within the autism community, this isolation is particularly pervasive amongst fathers of children on the spectrum……


In this episode, Paul and Andrew Horn, CEO of Tribute and Executive Men’s Coach, discuss the following:

  • Why isolation, disconnectedness and loneliness is so prevalent amongst men in our society

  • Why addressing isolation and seeking a community matters…..

  • Strategies and tips for addressing isolation and loneliness

  • 3 steps to making deeper connections

    • “Go first”

    • “Authenticity & vulnerability”

    • Persistence and tenacity - meaningful connections do take time

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