The Autism Dadvocate Podcast podcast

What Dads need to know about speech therapy for their autistic children

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25-30% of autistic children are minimally verbal or do not speak at all, although this is not a reflection of their intellectual ability.  


For their Dads, it is critical they seek out augmentative or alternative communication methods, such as speech therapy.


In this podcast, Paul interviews Lenora Edward, Chief Knowledge Officer of Better Speech, a leading online speech therapy provider for ASD kids.   Lenora and Paul engage in a broader discussion on the impact of speech delays with autistic children.


Paul and Lenora discuss the following:

  • Why do (some) autistic children struggle with speech?

  • What are some early indicators of potential speech delays?

  • What initial steps should Dads take when they identify a speech delay with their children?

  • What are some common speech therapies employed to help autistic children?

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