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How Good Intentions Can Still Lead to Bad Parenting

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As Dads, we want the best for our kids, right?  However, when we as Dads set neurotypical standards for our neurodiverse kids, we are not being good Dads.  In fact, we’re doing just the opposite.


In this podcast, Paul interviews Jude Morrow, CEO of Neurodiversity Training International, author, and TedX speaker.   They discuss the unique dynamics between neurotypical Dads and neurodiverse kids


Paul and Jude discuss the following:

  • Jude’s own journey and diagnosis

  • Parenting practices that derailed Jude’s adolescence

  • Common assumptions Dads make about their autistic kids

  • When Dads should intervene, and when Dads need to back off

  • Top Three Mistakes that Dads typically make with their kids

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