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Pamela - Three Premature Babies

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In today’s episode I speak with mum of three Pamela about her experience with premature babies. She had her three sons at 35, 34 and 33 weeks which has meant she’s spent a lot of time in NICU and Special Care Nurseries. Pamela shares with us some of the hard realities that come with having premature babies – things like being separated from your newborn as they are transferred to a different hospital, initial feelings of meeting and holding your tiny newborn who fits in the palm of your hand. She talks openly about the challenges of managing going to and from the hospital to see baby whilst looking after older kids at home and heaps more. 

Pamela has clearly had a different pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience to a lot of us, and one which you could expect to be quite traumatic, but in speaking with her about it all she is just so positive. She speaks of how much of an impact the nurses caring for her babies had made, and what support was so necessary in getting through that time.

To connect with Pamela find her @basiclabelco

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