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Nicole Pates - Motor Development & Milestones

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If you’ve had a baby before, or even have nieces and nephews or friends with young kids you’ll remember that feeling of shock and astonishment at how quickly babies change. You see it physically as they change from a floppy, pink skinned, sleepy newborn to a chubby toddler. You see it as they grow interested in the world, start babbling and later talking, rolling, crawling and walking. Some months it feels like the are a different child every week and that they pick up new skills every single day. It’s incredible.

In today's episode Paediatric Physiotherapist Nicole Pates of Western Kids Health talks all things motor development in babies’ first two years. She opens up the anxiety-provoking topic of milestones and delves into what a parents’ role is in children meeting these milestones. We look into concepts of purposeful and sensory play and Nicole shares her thoughts on the many modern toys that can be helpful or not so helpful to physical development.

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