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Listen: Port St. Willow Brings 'Syncope' to Life at Le Poisson Rouge

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Port St. Willow, the project of Brooklyn-based Nicholas Principe, performed its second improvisational, atmospheric album Syncope at Le Poisson Rouge on November 17, 2015. Principe rearranged the album as a continuous live piece for himself, backed by contributors Will Epstein, The Antlers' Peter Silberman, and David Moore of Bing & Ruth.

In his artist biography Principe writes, “This is visual music with an emotive core. An expression of love in response to sudden change, and the patient steps forward of a rebirth.” His music’s vast structures stretch that response, as if to somehow refuse too rapid a discovery, while his striking falsetto vocals highlight raw optimism motivating each transformative step.

We join Principe, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dunn and drummer Tommy Crane backstage to discuss the art of performing ambient music live and bringing new life to recorded music in a live setting.

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