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Bing & Ruth's Family Reunion for Cult-Classic 'City Lake'

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For this episode of LPR Live, we join Bing & Ruth – an ensemble of classically trained musicians that emotionally blends ambient electronic music with contemporary-classical minimalism and jazz – for backstage conversation and an exclusive performance at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village.

Bing & Ruth is led by David Moore, a composer and pianist trained at the New School. Consisting of piano, two vocalists, two clarinets, upright bass, two cellists, drums and tape delay effects, the music is built on shifting layers of texture and dynamic contour. It is music wrapped up in a mesmerizing, introverted passivity that builds to explosions of energy and release.

In November of last year, the ensemble celebrated the re-release of their 2010 cult-classic City Lake, an album originally limited to a pressing of only 250 copies. We caught up with Moore and his band members for what feels like a family reunion, for performances of City Lake's final two tracks, "Broad Channel/A Little Line In A Round Face" and "Here's What You're Missin."

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