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Episode 378: A Chat with Bridget Pupillo

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Bridget Pupillo’s name is likely familiar if you’ve knit from Knit Picks pattern collections! She joins hosts Lee and Stacey to chat about her new patterns in our most recent patterns collections, Simply Home and Homestead Cables. And we couldn’t have Bridget on the podcast without talking about one of our favorite patterns, the Eldfell Pullover!   Plus, Lee and Stacey chat about their personal projects, and Producer Andi joins in to talk about new patterns designed and modeled by her and Lee.    00:02 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast! 00:20 Lee and Stacey share what they’ve been up to. 08:50 Both Lee and Producer Andi have new super bulky sweater patterns out. 12:44 Stacey introduces our latest pattern collection, Simply Home! 18:16 Bridget Pupillo joins Stacey and Lee to discuss her design background and new patterns. 20:04 We can’t chat with Bridget without also talking about her Eldfell Pullover pattern! 22:21 Bridget recently had a cabled pattern in our Homestead Cables collection. 25:05 In Simply Home, Bridget has a beautiful new blanket pattern. 28:20 The conversation shifts to how we plan photoshoots for pattern collections. 30:17 Bridget shares her earlier history as a designer and her past Knit Picks experiences. 35:07 Lee asks Bridget about her biggest inspiration sources, and the conversation turns to naming things. 39:35 Simply Home was focused on sustainability, and Bridget chats about her own way of incorporating sustainability into knitting.  43:29 Bridget hints at some upcoming projects and shares where to find her online. 47:27 Credits.     Lee's movie theater knitting sweater (ravelry link)

Hawthorne DK yarn

Lee's new movie theater tee (ravelry link)

Samia yarn

Lee's new improvised cable cardigan (ravelry link)

Lee's improvised cable-yoke pullover

Stacey's Deep Winter Coat (ravelry link)

Deep Winter Hat pattern

Anastasia’s Cardigan pattern

Fluff of the Andes yarn

Squoosh Hat pattern

Simply Home ebook

Simply Wool yarns

Simply Cotton Worsted yarn

Wool of the Andes yarn

Bridget Pupillo on Knit Picks

Eldfell Pullover pattern

Cottar's Walk Pullover pattern

Homestead Cables collection

High Desert yarns

Fort Rock Pullover pattern

Grayrigg Pullover pattern

Aberdare Throw pattern

Beak Street Tee pattern

Static yarn

Felicini yarn

Lee's bulky Simply Wool sweater (ravelry link)

Upcycle yarns

Bubbly Bouclé yarn

Bridget's ravelry designer page

Bridget's ravelry group

Bridget's website

Bridget on facebook page

Bridget on instagram

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