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Episode 377: A Cable Knitting Q&A

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This episode was created with help from you! We asked for any and all questions about knitting cables over on Instagram, and our hosts Lee and Stacey along with producer Andi worked together to answer them! Some questions had the trio in agreement, and others showed how many different ways you can approach knitting. Can you guess how many times they recommend swatching?   Plus, Lee and Stacey share what they did to stay busy during the ice storm that hit Portland in January, and discuss more new yarns and products that came out recently, including Static!    00:03 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast! 00:25 Lee and Stacey share what they’ve been up to. 09:16 The new Static’s inspiration is revealed: 80s TV! 14:11 Find out the origins of our new sweater-sized project bags. 18:01 Lee, Stacey, and Andi are answering cable knitting questions starting with, “Which cable pullover pattern would be a good beginner one?” 21:50 “When you use cables in a sweater does that make the sweater tighter when finished?” 24:37 “I have a pattern that has multiple different charts. How do you keep track of what row you are on?” 29:06 “Any tips for vertical gauge in patterns?” 31:26 “Cabled sweaters with superwash, yes or no?” 34:12 “How to get the right fit/size and not worrying the whole time it still fit when you are done?” 36:46 “Besides gauge swatches, what is the best way to get your sizing correct for a sweater?” 41:00 “Do you need special cable needles?” 45:06  “What notions and accessories should we have before starting our first cable knitting project?” 48:47 Credits   Lee's cable-yoke sweater details blog post

Hawthorne Fingering yarn

Lee's Hawthorne DK sweater project (ravelry link)

Ventisca Slipover pattern

Posole Verde recipe Lee used

Stacey's favorite pozole recipe

Static yarn

Lee's Spumoni Hat pattern for Static

Go Your Own Way Socks pattern

Joyce Cardigan pattern

Sweater Magic Project Bag

Liz's illustrations on instagram

Sweater Project Bag

Anastasia's illustrations

Squirrel Stash Project Bag

Julia Green Illustration

Alpaca Pals Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

Knit Picks "New" section

Homestead Cables print book

Homestead Cables ebook

Axiom Sweater

Axiom blog posts

Harley Pullover

Primrose Pullover

Knit Picks Chart Keepers

Row counters

Knit Companion app

Cable needles

Double pointed needles

Stitch markers

Point protectors

Knit Picks cable patterns

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