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Episode 368 - Christmas in July

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It’s Christmas in July! To celebrate, we’re pulling out an old interview we recorded last fall with Katelyn from about our matching stocking pattern collections, Filled With Joy and All is Bright. The interview got put aside when we all became too busy with our November Big Sale last year, but it’s full of fun tidbits about creating coordinating knit and crochet pattern collections, so we’re delighted to finally share it!   Plus, when we recorded, we were in the middle of our Eldfell KAL. Katelyn joined in with us, and it was her first knit colorwork project. Lee and Andi share a few tips for stranded colorwork with her that would be useful for knitting stockings as well!    Please note that this is an older interview from the vault. Although the eBooks and individual patterns are still available, the pattern kits mentioned in this episode have sold out.    00:03 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast!  00:15 We’re still on break but are popping in to share an interview from last year that never got shared. 03:26 Katelyn from joins hosts Lee and Stacey to chat about our 2022 stocking collections for both sites. 05:09 The stocking collection came from Katelyn brainstorming Christmas in July knits while planning last year’s pattern collections, and she worked with Stacey to plan colors and concepts.  11:32 Lee created coloring pages for Knit Picks and Liz created her own version for to go in the eBooks to help plan color variations.   15:15 Katelyn and our hosts dive into a few specific stockings with coordinating knit and crochet options in the respective collections.  18:47 Naming the patterns and collections was a fun but complex process to maintain the connection between the two collections and not use existing patterns’ and books’ names.  23:02 Remember our Eldfell KAL? Katelyn was a participant and shares a bit about her first time knitting stranded colorwork. Lee and Andi provide some colorwork tips!  31:40 Credits

Filled with Joy ebook on Knit Picks

All is Bright ebook on

Mosaic Gingham Stocking (knit)

Tunisian Gingham Stocking (crochet)

Happy Gnome Stocking (knit)

Bobbles and Baubles Stocking (crochet)

Tannenbaum Stocking (knit)

Poinsettia Stocking (knit)

Candy Cane Stocking (crochet)

Peppermint Patty Stocking (knit)

Eldfell Pullover pattern

Wonderfluff yarn

Yarn Stranding Guide tool

Wire Yarn Stranding Guide tool

Learn to Knit Colorwork

KAL instagram story highlight

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