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S2 E4: Douglas Castro, NeuralDSP: AI changing an industry

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Douglas Castro, NeuralDSP: AI transforming an industry.

In S2 E4 of Inference we deep dive into audio processing as NeuralDSP’s CEO Douglas Castro discusses how Machine Learning has transformed an entire industry’s approach to technology.

NeuralDSP is the market leader in professional grade audio processing. Their guitar- and bass amplification modeling software, as well as Quad Cortex computation device, have been adopted by both industry professionals as well as advanced hobbyists globally. Their approach to combine DSP with Machine Learning has enabled the creation of extreme efficiency and high quality products.

Doug is a known pioneer in the industry. Prior to foundation of NeuralDSP, his previous company, Darkglass Electronics, created the de facto bass amplification system of modern rock and metal music, used by artists such as Faith No More, Periphery and Foo Fighters.

Catch Doug’s description how a scientifically extremely complex processes could be scaled with Machine Learning technologies, how the research adoption rate of Machine Learning in audio processing, and learn his predictions regarding the future trends of AI in professional audio.

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