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S2 E1: Daniel Wroblewski, EQT: Motherbrain

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NEW SEASON: Episode 1 - Motherbrain, Daniel Wroblewski, EQT
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EQT is one of the leading private capital powerhouses in Europe, investing heavily in AI and other cutting-edge technologies. To elevate their investment ops, EQT created the “Motherbrain” data & AI platform. Daniel Wroblewski, EQT:s former Chief Architect and Chief of Staff and the head of Motherbrain, walks us through the “why:s and how:s” of creating a private capital AI platform from scratch.

Since the recording of the episode, Daniel has moved to operate as Managing Director of Alpha Generation Lab of CPP Investments.

Tune in to catch Daniel’s insights into the importance of human-centric design, ways to overcome early adoption challenges with a win-win Active Learning loop, and catch his predictions on the upcoming private capital and AI trends.

Hosted by Ville Hulkko of Silo AI.

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