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IN PURSUIT from Glassdoor - Sali Christeson

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Amy Elisa Jackson’s warm, funny conversation with Sali covers the importance of feminism and fashion, how wearing something awesome builds a powerful attitude, and why Sali believes that designers were not giving women an accurate portrayal of success. As she says, “We really pride ourselves on being a resource for women and being a tool for women having the right attitude for achieving whatever is that they want to.” Sali shares the best piece of business advice she ever received and has some wise counsel for anyone who wants to launch their own startup. Her leadership at Argent has embraced campaigning for pay equality and community-building in and out of the workplace.

“The advice I always give,” Sali says,”is never become complacent. Anytime that you are complacent in a role or you're not learning, find the next role.”

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