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IN PURSUIT from Glassdoor - Molly Moon Neitzel

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“I have always thought that transparency in every aspect of life leads to the most honest and accountable relationships,” says Molly Moon Neitzel. In this episode she explains how “the secrecy around pay is extremely patriarchal and I think women and people of color have been oppressed and held down by secrecy around pay for centuries.”

Molly comes by her activism as a result of working in progressive politics at the start of her career. Then she opened up her first ice cream shop to “embody all of my progressive values.” Eight shops later, and more on the way, “I still feel humbled by the success that Molly Moon's has had,” she says.

She shares with host Amy Elisa Jackson how she introduced the idea of pay transparency to her staff, how they accepted it (some didn’t), and how it has become a motivation for advancement and retention within the company. She concedes that some CEOs might be skeptical of the value of pay transparency. She has this to say about that: “I would ask them what their turnover rate is and how much it costs them a year. I would ask them if they ever asked their employees how happy they are. I would ask them if their children worked for their company, if they would feel proud of the compensation package they were offering?”

In addition to pay transparency, Molly has championed workers’ rights and parental leave.

“I will have never done enough. I think it's our duty as human beings to help each other as much as we can, and I will never be able to say that I've done enough,” she says.

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