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The Gut and It's Importance to our Health, Hormones and Immune System - With Clare Smith

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Today we will be diving into the Gut with all its bugs and beauty with Naturopath Clare Smith. Why is this 'not so new discover' so important for our health, hormones and immune systems. Where did it go wrong, and how can we fix it.

For years Clare struggled with erratic moods, bloating, frequent panic attacks, low energy, physical pain and inflammation. This eventually lead her to learn about Functional Medicine and Holistic Health.

Her goal is not only to relieve suffering but to enable women to take responsibility for their health and their future to benefit themselves and their families.

Clare’s expertise as a Holistic Hormone Practitioner is rooted in experience and training over the last 20 years with worldwide Industry Leaders in a unique blend of disciplines including Naturopathy, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Functional Nutrition, Function Lab Testing, Genetics, NLP & Timeline Therapy, Life-Coaching, Herbalism, Fitness and Sports Therapy.

She continues to research and learn, especially from her wonderful clients as she helps them transform their health from the foundation up and helping people reclaim their lives, especially through Perimenopause.

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Clare Smith N.D. (Naturopath Diploma*) :
[email protected]
Insta: @recoveryouredge_claresmith
FB: @claresmithhealth

(Episode recorded March 2021)

*Please note that Clare is a Naturopath and not a Medical Doctor.

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