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Breathe & Freeze. Why we love it? It’s no longer a fad, we’ve got the science - With Emma Estrela Corrie

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Emma is an officially certified instructor of The Breathing Class by Dr.Belisa Vranich and Wim Hof Method (WHM) Instructor, the only Level 3 WHM instructor in the UK, the highest possible. She is an international speaker and an ambassador for the WHM. Since becoming an instructor in 2017 she has led retreats and workshops in the UK and across Europe and worldwide. Her life has been a powerful and optimistic story of growth and change. Wim Hof is also known as The Ice Man and has brought science into the art of cold emersions. We can no longer call it a ‘fad’, we now have the science so take a deep breath, turn that shower dial to BLUE and dial in to listen to Emma Estrela Corrie, based in Cumbria, The Lake District UK.

Emma Estrela Corrie:
Instagram: @emmaestrela79
Facebook: @emmaestre11a79

(Episode recorded November 2020)

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