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Lais Stephan on energetic space clearing

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Psychic healer, space clearing expert, divine channeler, and intuitive business mentor Lais Stephan on the importance of energetic space clearing for your health, your relationships, your wellbeing, and peace of mind.

Lais Stephan information

Website: www.abundantchicks.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/laisstephan_author/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Laisstephan1

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laisstephan/

Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” & a poetry collection “When A Wild Woman Rises" dealing with themes of depression, uprootedness, & grief

If you're interested in a space clearing evaluation for your home, book your initial evaluation for free (worth $97 USD). Visit www.abundantchicks.com and click on “schedule a free video chat.” You will receive a questionnaire. In the questionnaire, let Lais know you found her via the Healing Corner Podcast and she will evaluate the energy of your space and share her findings with you during the initial call.

Episode show notes

Defining energetic space clearing

Lais background and path to this work

My husband and I’s experience with energetic space clearing

Lais’ checklist of questions to consider if you might need one

Other case studies

Things that can be cleared or moved (spirits, ley lines); things that cannot (water, vortexes)

Lais’ partner + grounding

Lais’ diet

The frequency that we’re in when consuming food

Lais offerings beyond space clearing

Ancestral lineage blockages affecting us today

Patterns in Lais’ clientele

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