Healing Corner with Emily Tennison podcast

Ellen Mahloy on teaching psychic development and angel communication

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Ellen Mahloy on teaching psychic development, breaking down the 8 psychic abilities, plus amazing stories and practical applications

Find me at @healing_corner_podcast on Instagram or at healingcorner.net

Guest information

• Ellen's website: ellenmahloy.com

• Find Ellen on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

• Ellen's courses:

• Upcoming events:

Episode Notes:

  • What it means to be psychic
  • The 8 "clairs"
  • Ellen's personal story
  • Being psychic at work
  • Veterinarian medical intuition
  • Psychic development classes
  • What someone can expect in a class: format, size, content
  • Ellen's ideal student
  • Who Ellen turns away
  • Reiki with Angels
  • Defense against the dark arts
  • Solving an FBI case
  • Psychic ability + health
  • Medical intuition
  • The next 5-10 years
  • Ellen's current offerings
  • Fairies = nature angels
  • Emily's dying plant
  • Ellen reviving a dying tree

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