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S4: Ep5 Richard Yonck talks about deep futures and Homo Technologicus

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Richard Yonck is a futurist with Intelligent Future Consulting in Seattle, where he is an advisor to businesses and organizations about emerging trends and future developments.

He explores developing trends in emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, healthcare, biotechnology and genetics, transportation, robotics, and more.

He’s the author of the 2020 book Future Minds explores the nature of intelligence and how our world is rapidly becoming more and differently intelligent. His previous book, Heart of the Machine: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (2017) looks at the future of the emerging technologies making it possible for computers and robots to read, interpret, and even influence human emotions.

Reach out to Richard at Intelligent Future Consulting

See his writing at GeekWire

See more of Nikolas’ insights at www.nikolasbadminton.com

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