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S4: Ep4 Oksana Andreiuk talks about biohacking and the longevity market boom

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Oksana Andreiuk is a biotechnology scientist, biohacker, and futurist. She founded Canadian Biohacker with a mission of bringing health optimization and anti-aging science to the mainstream. She is also a Strategist at Klick Health, one of the top marketing and commercialization agency partners to global life sciences organizations.

Oksana has a long-standing interest in the applications of biotechnology to optimizing health and performance and holds an Hons BSc in genetics and biotechnology and a Master of Biotechnology from the University of Toronto. She believes the future of healthcare lies in disease prevention as well as delaying (and even reversing) the aging process, ultimately extending healthspan and lifespan.

Follow Oksana on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/canadianbiohacker/

On her Medium channel - https://medium.com/canadianbiohacker

And, on her website - https://canadianbiohacker.com/

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