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Unravelling The Complexities Of Carbon Pricing

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Facing an increasingly complex matrix of fluctuating and escalating carbon prices across global markets, businesses are reassessing their investment strategies and overhauling risk management approaches as they transition towards a more sustainable future. 

In this episode, we dive into the intricate world of carbon pricing. We examine the impact of rising carbon prices on businesses, discuss the increasing need for carbon dioxide removal, and explore the future implications of supply and demand dynamics on the carbon credits market. This podcast is a must-listen for organizations that are intensifying their efforts to achieve their climate goals. 

Key learnings from this podcast:

  • Insights into how companies are employing internal carbon pricing as a tool to guide investment decisions and achieve their climate targets.
  • The future growth of the carbon removal market and the pivotal role it plays driving meaningful and sustainable change.
  • The factors influencing carbon prices and their impact on market stability.

David Metcalfe – CEO, Verdantix


Ingo Ramming - Head of Carbon Markets, BBVA

Louis Uzor - Climate Policy Manager, Climeworks

Editor's Note: In this episode, Louis Uzor states that SwissRe is implementing an internal carbon price of 200$/t. This is only partially correct, as SwissRe introduced an internal carbon price of 100$/t in 2021 that will gradually increase towards USD200/t by 2030. Find out more here.

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