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Decarbonizing the Future: Exploring the Carbon Dioxide Removal Market

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Innovative solutions are crucial to making a meaningful impact in the ongoing battle against climate change. In this episode our expert guests explain the complexities of the Carbon Dioxide Removal market, including demand drivers, supply-side constraints and the pace and direction of technological change.

Covering the broader context of voluntary emissions, the economics of Direct Air Capture and the challenges facing corporate buyers, this podcast is a comprehensive guide to the latest developments in a fast-changing landscape.


  • David Metcalfe - CEO at Verdantix

Guest speakers:

  • Kash Burchett - Global Head of Carbon Removal Technologies at HSBC
  • Tim Christophersen - Vice President, Climate Action at Salesforce

Key learnings from this podcast:

  • Gain insights into the significance of high-quality CDR credits for achieving net-zero goals and sustainability targets.
  • Discover the pivotal role that businesses play in driving impactful change and the limitations of relying solely on voluntary actions.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and lead your organization toward more effective climate action.

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Find out more and listen to all episodes at

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