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Businesses are humanitarian responders. Here's how to work with them.

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Scaling Private Sector Involvement within UN Humanitarian and Development Systems- with Kareem Elbayar programme director of CBI

In this week's episode, we sit down with Kareem Elbayer, the Programme Director of the Connecting Business Initiative (CBI). We look into how the relationship between private sector entities and the UN humanitarian and development systems is evolving, exploring ways to facilitate businesses of all sizes in participating effectively in aid and development initiatives. 

Kareem explains the role of the Connecting Business Initiative (CBI) in bridging the gap between these sectors. CBI's mission is to simplify the process for companies, particularly those operating in disaster-prone regions, to seamlessly integrate with humanitarian efforts. It's all about fostering communication, building vital bridges between businesses, governments, and international organizations, and making engagements for the benefit of societies and for the people who live in those societies.

Throughout this conversation, we unravel essential topics, including the challenges of coordination, the need for streamlined processes, and the imperative to scale up private sector involvement in disaster management. Kareem also emphasizes the importance of private sector engagement beyond financial contributions, aiming to leverage their expertise, agility, and extensive networks to support long-term development goals.

Join us in this discussion that offers fresh insights into reshaping the future of humanitarian and development efforts through mutually beneficial cooperation with the private sector.

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