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‘Beyond Aid: Exploring Different Dimensions of Development for New Paths to Impact’- With Ian Mitchell, Center for Global Development.

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When we think of development, we often conjure images of aid budgets and financial assistance to lower-income nations. While aid is undoubtedly a vital part of the development landscape, it's just the tip of the iceberg. In this episode, Ian Mitchell, Co-Director, Europe and Senior Policy Fellow at Center for Global Development (CDI) sits down with Christian Meyer zu Natrup, Managing Director of MzN. Together, they unravel the recently published CDI's Commitment to Development Index, revealing a comprehensive assessment of what governments are doing for development beyond aid. 

This podcast episode explores the Commitment to Development Index, which looks at a spectrum of policies that influence the pace of growth for developing countries such as investment, migration, trade, environment, technology, health, and security. By expanding the dialogue to include these factors, we can shape more comprehensive strategies that lead to sustainable development. Using quantitative measures, this index compiles a ranking of the countries in their commitment to development across various dimensions.

During this podcast, we'll explore real-world examples from countries such as Sweden, the UK, the United States and explore the deliberate policy choices that have contributed to their consistent successes or shortcomings.

The conversation won't stop there. We'll transition into the realm of climate and development overlap, highlighting the urgent need to integrate climate considerations into development strategies. Climate finance, a substantial component of global aid, is poised to undergo the rigorous evaluation that development finance has experienced. This knowledge gap is of critical concern as it could affect the argument for climate action within development efforts.

As we wrap up, we'll touch on the essence of trust in global efforts to reduce emissions and tackle climate change. Trust among countries is integral to forging collective commitments to emission reduction. Without it, nations might opt for cheaper, less sustainable technologies, creating economic advantages without sufficient accountability. We'll also discuss the pivotal role of carbon taxes in addressing climate change, offering a realistic alternative to subsidies and bans.

Join us in this podcast as we journey through the multifaceted world of development, exploring how the Commitment to Development Index and climate considerations are shaping the future of global growth. This episode promises fresh insights and perspectives that will encourage you to reevaluate what development truly means.

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